The Left’s ‘Trash Trump’ Agenda: Do They Not See How This Will Backfire?

Written by Wes Walker on August 9, 2017

Maxine Waters and countless others have been chanting ‘impeach’ from the day he was elected. They’re complaining about RUSSIAN threats to Democratic process — but the REAL threats are domestic!

Can you remember all the way back to October? It seems so long ago. But way back then, there were some debates between President Trump and Old What’s-Her-Name. The (alleged) Rapist’s wife.

Looking for a soundbite, Hillary presented a ‘gotcha’ question to Trump, one that would either limit his options if the election was close, (and poison the electorate against him if he called for a recount) and if they could get him on camera conceding the possibility of a Hillary win, that would be propaganda gold.

Clinton asked if Trump would accept the results of a Hillary win.

His hedged answer was used as a club against him. Headlines like this from CNN flooded the news cycle: ‘Trump won’t commit to accepting election results – CNN Video

That was then leveraged to claim Trump was a ‘threat to democracy’. (What was AlGore, then?)

Hillary tweeted: “Failure to accept the election results is a direct threat to our democracy” … “Peaceful transfer of power is a must”

A Washington Post headline, for example, took the propaganda further: “Trump poses an unprecedented threat to the peaceful transition of power

There was no similar demand made of Hillary’s willingness, because, really — what are the odds of her losing?

And then the unthinkable happened. The media day of mourning. Hillary somehow lost.

Where was she to give the concession speech that night? AWOL. She let her peons handle that.

The next day she gave a ‘transition of power’ speech that was superficially good but lacked follow-through by any of her party.

In those final months, it was evident that Obama’s Administration – and Obama himself – were doubling down on his own agenda, to make it difficult for Trump to implement his.

Obama started bloating the government and adding red tape. And he stuck it to Israel at the UN as well.

There was the Deep State stuff. Leaks. (With the rules governing who can see what changed just weeks before the inauguration.) Unmasking. Impeachment calls from the get-go. #NotMyPresident. #Resist. Riots chanting “this is what democracy looks like” on the day after inauguration.

Those hostile to Trump managed to get an independent prosecutor appointed.

The Democrats are sowing Chaos wherever they can, in every attempt to de-legitimize the Trump Presidency.

That is very ill-advised.

Wind the clock back 8 years. Those of us who were paying attention knew we were getting a Hard-Left Socialist in BHO.

(The only unknown back then was just HOW far left he would tilt.) When he won and began to ‘fundamentally transform’ America, did we riot?

No, we formed groups, like the Tea Party. We reorganized at the local level. We sought and found candidates we could throw our weight behind. We pushed our way back into office.

We played by the rules. We won both houses and the Senate. The will of the people was clear: It’s time for a different agenda than the one we’d pressed for the last 8 years.

But now that the Triple Mandate has been delivered to the People’s Choice, our own government is waging war against that explicit will of the people. The media – with their special privileges – has joined them.

For all their hand-wringing about Russia, the foreign threats to our Democratic Process are Nothing like our domestic ones.

The media said nothing about the various reports in September about the staged violence in Trump protests being paid by Democrat supporters.

The media said nothing about Judicial Watch finding out that 10 of 11 Counties in California have more registered voters than adults.

Have the Left not stopped to think about what an election really IS? It’s a pressure valve for the will of the people. Voting is a non-violent way to have an orderly, regularly-scheduled political coup.

Ballots replace bullets, so bloodshed is unnecessary.

The only rules of the game are that you can’t mess with the ballot boxes (either through stuffing them with false ballots, destroying the rival’s ballots, or introducing ineligible voters) and the winner gets to run the country.

The Left has been cheating both sides.

Are you dumb enough not to realize what happens when they play by the rules, using ballots instead of bullets, and they STILL don’t get the results they were legally entitled to?

If anger about not being fairly represented by your politicians is not resolved with BALLOTS?

Using all your might and strategy to torpedo a duly-elected President to get your OWN way might seem like a political success.

But if you have stripped the people of the right to resolve political unrest peacefully, you leave violence as the only remaining recourse. Remembering which side actually owns guns, that’s not a dog you want to be poking with sticks.

Surely you’ve heard the phrase ‘defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic’.

The peaceful system we have now happens to be the Oldest National Written Constitution still in use on the planet.

Is the Left so eager to destroy Trump that they’re willing to take the Nation down with him?

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