These Christian Soldiers Are Fighting Back Against Terrorists .. Here’s Why

Published on August 9, 2017

While Western leaders were confused about sending troops or blankets to deal with the ISIS problem, Christians in the Middle East were stepping up to fight them.

They had a good understanding what the stakes would be if ISIS won.

Today, the MFS released video of seven Syriac and Armenian Christians rescued from their long ordeal in the ISIS stronghold. One of the family members said they had to pay a jizya (tax) of 60,000 Syrian pounds ($116.50) per year, per person to ISIS as non-Muslims — this in an oppressive system in which residents who refused to fight for ISIS came in last in food and water distribution. – PJMedia

(Note: In Syria, income averages $300 a month.)

The Jizya, for those unfamiliar, is a heavy tax laid upon unbelievers. It is an acknowledgment that they are a conquered people living under the submission of Islamic rule. Besides the heavy tax, there are heavy restrictions on such people who live as second-class citizens.

This was not an innovation made by ISIS. This practice, together with Dhimmitude, is taken from within Islam’s own historical teachings and customs.

“The terrorists are our enemies. It’s dangerous for Arabs, Kurds and Christians. Maybe the city is 98 per cent Arab, but we are fighting together, we are like brothers,” Hanna said.
Some say we are Christians and we must love everyone. But if we do that there will be no Christians left in the Middle East. We are Christians and should defend our people,” he said of not letting ISIS win. “We don’t need another genocide against us, it’s enough. We used to be poor before, but now we are like a volcano. We had a genocide in Turkey against us in 1915, we must make this a red line for us. We must defend ourselves.” – PJMedia

Here’s what it looks like if nobody fights back.

Sometimes, even the most reluctant warrior has no choice but to fight. In that moment, will you be ready?

That’s the red meat in this podcast. Hit play and see for yourself!

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