Man Plows Car Thru ‘Trans Lives Matter’ Crowd – Do You Blame Him Or The ‘Protesters?’

Written by K. Walker on August 24, 2017

This bro drives through a group of protesters gathered on the street who see him coming. Who is at fault?

The driver was white, so you know who the Media (D) will pin the fault on.

But are they right to?

First, a little background.

The ‘vigil’ was in memory of Kenneth ‘Kiwi’ Herring, a black transgender woman who was shot dead by police.

Yeah, about that…

Herring was shot to death by St. Louis police officers early Tuesday in north St. Louis. They say they received reports of a domestic dispute and arrived to find a 30-year-old man badly cut around the face, arms and torso. Police allege that Herring, also 30, was armed with a large kitchen knife and swung at officers — and that they then shot her.

So police can’t defend themselves against trans people or black people anymore?

But then the real outrage began… the police misgendered ‘Kiwi’.

But the police response drew ire because they initially described the deceased as a 30-year-old man. Herring, friends and family say, identified as a woman.

The city’s LGBTQ community paid tribute yesterday, even as others criticized the language in the initial police reports (and later media coverage).
Source: Riverfront Times

Just to give you the full 411 on this, the knife-weilding altercation that Herring had with police which led to Kiwi’s death also resulted in the arrest of Kiwi’s partner.

Kristopher Kristy Thompson, was Herring’s partner and was arrested over the altercation.
Thompson, 28, was charged on Wednesday with assault and armed criminal action, as the neighbor who was stabbed is in serious but stable condition.

Herring’s sister-in-law told the Post Dispatch that Thompson is a transgender man.
Source: Daily Mail

So, a dude that thinks he’s a chick is in a relationship with a chick that thinks she’s a dude.

Ok, then.

And these people are having a vigil to ‘seek justice’ for the knife-wielding black dude that thinks he’s a chick after he came after a cop with a knife.

Ok, then.

I think we’re up to speed.

These protesters on the video below talk about the ‘slaughtering’ of black people and trans people by police.

At the 13-minute mark, the protesters move aside for an ambulance to go through their lines.

Then they begin a chant, ‘Say her name!‘ and the response includes, ‘Kiwi Harris‘ — which, um, isn’t actually her name.

Good work on that vigil as a memorial to Kiwi Herring.

These d-bags peaceful protesters were blocking the road and chanting, ‘If we don’t get no justice, they don’t get no peace‘ and ‘If we don’t get it [justice], shut it down!‘ and ‘We shut sh-t down!‘.

And these folks were blocking a road.

There doesn’t seem to be police presence, and it’s unlikely that they had a permit to gather.

The memorial for Kenneth ‘Kiwi’ Herring turned violent on Wednesday night when a Mercedes driver drove into a middle of a crowd of protesters who were blocking the road.

His car appeared to be attacked by the activists before he drove away, leaving three people with minor injuries, according to the Riverfront Times.

The driver – a white male – was later arrested.
Source: Daily Mail

Watch the drive-through at the 15-minute mark:

Don't forget/ Kiwi Herring ✊????. Also a car drove into us peacefully holding vigil in the street 2ft away from me. 15m mark. Wow. Wow. Everyone is alive. Thank God.#BlackTransLivesMatter #PastTime

Posted by Jay-Marie Hill on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The driver honked his horn repeatedly at the protesters, and as he tried to drive through, more protesters gathered around him.

They attacked his car as he drove away.

It appears in the video that the protesters were indeed attacking his car as he was stopped and before he drove through just as the driver claimed.

A reporter from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was there and caught these photos:

He then explains what happened on twitter:

St. Louis Post-Dispatch photographer David Carson captured the moment the car hit people with his camera.

He tweeted: ‘Car just drove through protesters on Manchester, few injuries not major, only scrapes. Driver fled police chased not pulling over.’

He then posted pictures and added: ‘Pix from car that drove through protesters, car stopped was surrounded, then drove through, one person ended up on hood, only minor injuries.’

This account was confirmed by St. Louis Police spokesperson, Schron Jackson:

‘A vehicle approached, stopped, honked its horn and attempted to drive around the protesters.

‘The protesters surrounded the vehicle and began striking it with their hands and a flag pole. Several protesters also kicked and jumped on top of the vehicle.’

She said the driver of the vehicle – a white male – then drove away when two women and a man ‘fell from the vehicle’.
Source: Daily Mail

So, if you continue to watch the full video at the 16-minute mark, you can hear one of the protesters complain about the guy that drove through.

And there were some stunning comments that were heard.

They got a license plate number to report to the police that they are protesting against.

And they want the police to act on their behalf.

This is just one big sh-tshow.

F-ck the police, but I hope he pays for that sh-t.

I want to see him with an $80,000 bond.

It was a trans-phobic, cis[gendered] white supremacist driving his car through is not ok.

Did they just assume his phobia?

Ok, then.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it.

Maybe don’t stand on the freaking road, you Darwinian rejects.

But, hey, who am I to judge?

What do you think?

Let us know in the comments.

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