‘The Media’ Mocks Texans But We Think They Represent America’s FINEST During This Disaster

Published on August 31, 2017

We could not be more proud of how Texans have stepped up in this disaster than how they have.

Over and above the call of duty.

When you read a story about one guy rescuing 15 families with his own fishing boat?

When you read about a furniture chain opening their doors to be impromptu shelters?

When you read about strangers forming a human chain to save the life of someone whose car is about to be swept away?

Seeing the lineups of volunteers looking for a way to help…


Even folks in Hollywood are putting aside their politics to step up and show the world what it means to be American first.

For this short window of time, we are seeing what E Pluribus Unum looks like. America: Un-hyphenated.

Ordinary sportsmen get to step up as national heroes.

Even journalists are jumping away from the microphone from their reporting to help pull people to safety. Don’t dismiss that as a small sacrifice, either. Keep in mind, for some this camera time could mean their ‘one big break’ and chance to join a national network.

Rich Witmer and Doug Giles deep dive the positive lessons from Hurricane Harvey and put on full blast the vile dividers of our Nation. Check it out!

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