Obama Finally Tweets About Charlottesville – Conveniently Forgets To Mention This

Published on August 16, 2017

Oh look. Barack Obama ‘got up on his high horse’… how could this POSSIBLY go wrong?

Barack took a break from partying with Billionaires and meeting with World leaders just before or after they met with the REAL President, to meddle with things long enough to hog the spotlight about Charlottesville.

Because everything MUST be about him. No riding off into the sunset for THIS community disorganizer.

What’s that, Barry? You’re sharing advice from Nelson Mandela?

Are you sure you want to do that? The Whole WORLD SAW you putting the ‘fun’ in the man’s funeral, taking selfies, of all things.

No thanks, Barry.

Our nation was better off BEFORE your Presidency began ‘the healing of the nation’. Two terms of a biracial President was supposed to bridge the divide.

Watching several major cities burn during his watch killed any lingering hope we might have had for change.

What was your OTHER tweet?

Well, THAT’s awkward.

How did American citizens, many of whom voted for him, get to become ‘bitter clingers’ then?

Why did every speech by his wife use ‘I live in a house built by slaves’? Was that intended to reconcile wounds of the nation more than 100 years old?

Speaking of Michelle… what about that crazy race-obsessed (and almost incomprehensibly idiotic) thesis of hers? (No, really… it’s BAD.)

How does THAT fit his narrative of positive race relations?

Maybe he should fix the problems in his OWN house, before getting ‘up on that high horse of his.

You know, that same ‘high horse’ he used to declare the sins of Christianity, and defend Islam… the day of the Prayer Breakfast.

But hating… one needs to be TAUGHT that.

Well, he DID sit under Jerimiah Wright for 20 years. Looks like he picked up a few things.

Things America could have done without.

Maybe instead of LECTURING America, he could start with an apology.

Like the one he gave to ISLAM, blaming America for the disaster in Benghazi.

(Only sincere.)

Maybe we’d all like you better (although never so much as you would WANT to be liked) if your ideas didn’t suck so badly.

It would also help if you ‘grew a pair’ so you could identify with ordinary Americans more than effete European socialists.

Barry REALLY needs to listen to this to counteract 20 years under ‘Reverend’ Jeremiah Wright:

This would help.

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