So Predictable! New Gun Control Efforts Are On The Way

Written by Captain Dave Funk on August 30, 2017

20/20 hindsight is one of the benefits of decades of traveling the world as a pilot and seeing things from a distance around the world. As we watch Antifa grown bolder every day, now even attacking other leftist groups not as committed to violence for its own sake as Antifa is, I think we are about to see a major new push for more gun control here in the US and elsewhere in the world.

Immediately following the riots in Charlottesville, I noticed how quickly Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe ran to a microphone with a well-prepared speech and a big smile on his face. My gut impression at the time was that he was prepared in advance for what happened, and gleefully jumped into the spotlight. I’m sure he was thinking he might use Charlottesville as his springboard into a run for the White House. Of course, Governor McAuliffe demanded more Gun Control in the days that followed.

Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown has just signed into law a gun control bill that allows for gun confiscations based solely on only hearsay evidence. That’s a huge violation of every American’s due process rights.

In 1960’s China, the Red Guards, a group of students from Beijing University who worshiped Chairman Mao’s communist ideology, started to question the importance and usefulness of knowledge. They rapidly grew in power as they spread their hateful and violent ways as a tool of Chairman Mao to eliminate Mao’s opponents and to silence anyone who did not conform to their views. It was called the “Cultural Revolution”.

Today Antifa, like Mao and the Red Guard did in the Chinese Cultural Revolution, are calling for the destruction of history. Every dictatorial leader, or group, in history has disarmed its opposition. The left in America has demanded more gun control despite the evidence that it does not work to curb crime or violence.

From 41,000 feet in the air, it looks to me like the leftist are planning on using more violence to achieve what has been repeatedly rejected by Americans at the voting booth. For them to complete their power grab, they need the rest of us disarmed first. Good luck with that.

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Captain Dave Funk
Captain Dave Funk: Constitutionalist, hunter, dad and patriot, Dave has retired as both a US Army attack helicopter pilot and a Boeing 757 International Captain for Northwest Airlines; Dave has spent most of the last few years piloting US Department of Defense special mission aircraft in the “Sandbox”. With a unique perspective on the world that comes from thousands of hours at 41,000 feet, his ability to explain complex aviation question in simple terms has earned him guest commentator spots on most major TV and radio networks.