Trump Protester, Who Got Shot In BALLS At Rally, Just Got Bad News That You’ll LOVE!

Written by K. Walker on August 26, 2017

Uh-oh. This guy did NOT see this coming — just like he didn’t see the rubber bullet before it hit his crotch.

Following President Trump’s speech in Arizona, a handful of anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ protesters gathered to ‘peacefully demonstrate’ on the streets of Phoenix.

The anti-Trump protesters were vastly outnumbered by pro-Trump supporters.

Joshua Corbin holding a ‘No Trump! No KKK! No Fascist USA!’ sign at an anti-Trump protest.

Some of the ‘peaceful protesters’ came with gas masks. One of them, 29-year old Joshua Corbin, has been made ‘Internet Famous’ for kicking a can of tear gas back at police officers and then getting shot in the balls with a rubber bullet.

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ClashDaily reported on this story earlier and it is spectacular.

He’s even been trolled by an Antifa parody group and it was freaking hilarious!

But Corbin isn’t going to find the consequences of his actions funny.

Phoenix law enforcement officials say that 29-year-old Joshua Cobin was placed under arrest after being charged on three counts of aggravated assault on police and one count of unlawful assembly.

Protests turned into skirmishes with police in Phoenix on Tuesday, as authorities attempted to disperse crowds gathered outside his rally with tear gas.

So, this dude is facing charges now?

Corbin admits to his actions on social media:

Cobin, according to a police report, was ‘generally unruly and clearly refusing to disperse and refusing to do so in an unlawful manner.’

Police also claim Cobin was ‘engaging in conduct constituting a riot’ before he was caught on security cameras kicking a smoking canister toward the line of officers.
Source: Daily Mail

Wow! This guy really sounds like a winner.

Rember, these classless ‘Resistance’ d-bags were throwing water bottles and rocks at police who were there to maintain peace.

This dude — ‘Pepper’ or ‘Pepper Balls’ as he has become known — has become a video meme:

And this one:

Man, that just doesn’t get old.

And yes, Pepper Balls, we will Always Love You.

That was a beautiful moment for anyone who believes in the rule of law and that this kind of lawlessness by those on the Left is completely unacceptable.

It was the moment that shows that the police are in control of the situation and they weren’t going to let thugs take over.

No matter how much the leftist thugs shout ‘Whose streets? Our streets!‘ — the rule of law is still in effect in this country and rioters will be tolerated.

You can’t just destroy a Starbucks in the midst of a tantrum that the ‘wrong party’ won the Presidential election.

(There seems to always be a Starbucks looted and destroyed in these ‘peaceful protests’.)

So, congrats on your Idiot Prizes from the police — both the ‘baseball sized’ bruise and the charges.

Maybe this will teach the violent and sh-t-disturbing side of the ‘Resistance’ that they can’t just disobey the police and start a riot because they don’t like who the President is.

We’re getting tired of the toddler-like tantrums and it needs to end.

That’s not how adults behave.

Here, this will help those on the left understand:

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