Trump Says Both Sides Are To Blame For Charlottesville Violence – Do You Agree?

Written by Wes Walker on August 16, 2017

Trump’s really good at getting that ‘love him or hate him’ reaction.
Was he right to name the Leftist agitators in denouncing Charlottesville hate or not?

To hear some people in his own party tell it, Trump is foolishly giving the Supremacists a gift.

Others think that he is wisely broadening the conversation to include another violent hate group that calls anyone Right of Marx a ‘nazi’ so that mobs in masks have an ‘excuse’ to pound the crap out of them with a variety of improvised weapons.

The improvised weapons include sticks, bike locks, improvised grenades made of wine bottles and firecrackers, ‘water’ balloons filled with bodily fluids. Nasty stuff.

(They even stabbed a police horse with a nail-embedded board once… so, why were they walking around with nail-embedded boards?)

The one thing we can ALL agree on is that when both the President and the Vice President named white supremacist groups as ‘evil’, they were right to do so.

Supremacist groups are, by their very definition, odious. They fly in the face of E Pluribus Unum. They conflict with both Secular and Religious ethical systems.

Simply put, they are wrong. So the question was not in WHAT was said, but HOW it was presented.

Rubio, perhaps more visibly than any others, went on a multi-tweet blast about why he believed Trump was wrong to reference the fact that fringe elements on both the Left AND the Right brought hate and violence to the conflict that Saturday.

Marco says they are 100% to blame. They should not share the blame.

Rubio’s lead argument is that they are adherents of an evil ideology. This is true. But I don’t see anyone beating the hell (so to speak) out of the Satanic Church’s public meetings on that same basis. Do YOU?

Rubio’s view is echoed widely among the media, you probably know it well. How much have you heard the other side? Let’s flesh it out a little.

One of the reasons that people COME to America is because there is NO litmus test for which ideas are allowed in America so long as that belief does not call for violence against others. There is this thing called free speech.

The solution for such groups had been (until recently) WORKING. Numbers were in steep decline generation by generation. From 4 Million in the 20’s to a small group shunned and mocked by civil society any time they put on their dunce caps and marched.

Nazis and the KKK have become about as socially acceptable as smoking a cigar in a pilates studio.

But since Trump gained the nomination, the Media talked about Nazis and racism every chance they could get.

Before the election, how many people could name a single White Supremacist besides David Duke or Hillary’s Mentor Robert Byrd?

The breathless Republicans-are-literally-Hitler gave them a stage and the took it.

The fuel for their growth was the endless identity-politics that the same media (and the previous administration) was tragically complicit with.

The staged ‘racist’ riots at Trump rallies that were bankrolled by Democrats perpetuated the ‘racist’ myth.

And that’s where Antifa came in.

They’re very well-funded, from interests outside of America. They are Malicious Violent Extremist groups. They have been buzzing around America, causing riots, hurting people and breaking things for months now.

You know them by their face coverings, their black clothing, and the fact that they’re usually spraying strangers with peppers pray, or throwing newspaper boxes around, or setting fires, or beating on Trump supporters with skateboards.

Or, sometimes, police.

They gained their strength by police standing down when they showed up. By Journalists deliberately omitting their involvement in incidents of violence. By their very anonymity.

You may not like the KKK. Neither do we.

But the ACLU – the ACLU! – fought for their right to protest peaceably on that Saturday morning. Are the ACLU pro-KKK now, or are they just more committed to the universality of the First Amendment than Marco Rubio is?

The counter-protesters, by contrast, had no protest permits. Nor did they want any. They weren’t there to stand quietly and SHAME the KKK. Nor were they there to drown them with chants, cheers, or songs of their own.

They were there with clubs (which Trump mentioned), and pepper spray, and incendiaries and other proof of malice aforethought.

Was Trump WRONG to call out a group with a history of instigating armed conflict, and precipitating untold millions of property damage in various American cities?

Does the burning limo from inauguration day ring any bells?

When one group carries weapons with them, and seeks out another group for conflict?

How does such a group NOT share in the responsibility?

Antifa IS an entire movement based on anger and hatred towards people ‘different from you’.

It ‘justifies violence’? It ‘leads to violence against them’?

In AMERICA, violence is NEVER a justified response to nonviolent speech, however repulsive.

Especially when there are a few pieces of the puzzle that don’t quite add up.

example: The Charlottesville ‘KKK/Fascist Leader’ Was An Obama Supporter

This reaction sounds suspiciously like ‘dressed like that, are you really surprised she got raped?’

Trump DID denounce the KKK. More than once. He denounced White Supremacists. More than once.

What he did in HERE is ADD to his denunciation the violent groups that the press — and frankly, other elected Republicans — have NOT adequately addressed.

And the remedy for bad ideas is neither silence nor violence.

The remedy is that they are defeated by better ideas.

Share if you think Trump was right to mention the violent intent of people in BOTH groups.