Watch: Here’s What Leftists & ISIS Have In Common

Published on August 15, 2017

A collective cheer went up on the Left at the ‘victory’ in Durham NC when a mob pulled down a statue. But should they really be cheering?

Is it really a victory when a mob runs through a town and starts breaking up the place?

In Iraq, a statue of Saddam was torn down after the military overthrow of a brutal one-party state. The people could finally have a voice, they could be heard, and have something to say about who ran their country.

In the 90s, with the fall of the USSR, we saw statues of Lenin torn down. Becuase the brutal one-party rule was (they hoped) finally at an end.

That is NOT what we are seeing in Durham. Or Berkley. Or other places where chants of ‘whose street… OUR street’ ring out.

This isn’t rooted in hope, and turning the page from a despotic government where they didn’t even have a vote.

This was rage. Destroying those things which they found personally offensive, no matter what the law said about their personal right to do so.

Is there a better comparison than the overthrow of Saddam or the fall of the USSR? Some have raised this example.

Judge for yourself.

Watching these clips side-by-side, what do you think?

ISIS wants to erase any history that doesn’t fit neatly within the grid of Islam. Why? Its very EXISTENCE offends them.

SJWs want to erase any history that doesn’t fit neatly within the grid of modern political correctness. Why? Its very EXISTENCE offends them.

Is this ‘activism’ or just a toddler’s tantrum in a grown-up body?

Do they need to read this and grow a pair?

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