Watch: Little Bro Takes Bigger Teen To Paintown – An Epic Throw Of Hands!

Published on August 1, 2017

Has this little guy even seen his 10th birthday yet? He’s one feisty little SOB.

If this kid can translate his ‘overcoming the odds’ mentality into athletics or the workforce, we could be looking at the next Floyd Mayweather or Steve Jobs.

And if he takes a career in the military, God help any poor bastard he gets turned loose on.

This plucky little kid doesn’t have a word for ‘quit’. Not even when it looks like he’s beaten.

See for yourself:

The ‘heart of a lion’ that this kid brings to a fist fight used to be hardwired into the character of Americans generally.

We saw it in everything from our attitudes to risk, to our ‘crazy’ independence streak that catapulted us to the forefront of the industry, innovation, and even military strength.

We see that same spirit in Davy Crockett’s final diary entry:

Pop, pop, pop! Bom, bom, bom! throughout the day. No time for memorandums now. Go ahead! Liberty and Independence forever. – Davy Crockett

But these days, too many of us have fallen into the trap of letting the good times ‘domesticate’ us. If you know someone who plays it a little too ‘safe’, or want to challenge yourself to set your own sights a little higher, get your hands on this quick read that packs as big a punch as that kid.

The Effeminization Of The American Male
by Doug Giles

Doug Giles, best-selling author of Raising Righteous And Rowdy Girls and Editor-In-Chief of the mega-blog,, has just penned a book he guarantees will kick hipster males into the rarefied air of masculinity. That is, if the man-child will put down his frappuccino; shut the hell up and listen and obey everything he instructs them to do in his timely and tornadic tome. Buy Now:The Effeminization Of The American Male

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