Woman Takes Pic Of Malia On Campus And Malia Goes FULL Michelle On Her!

Published on August 27, 2017

How much does it take to get under Malia Obama’s skin? Not much, apparently.

Malia’s finished with her gap year and is heading back to school.

The Obamas took her to the Harvard campus to get her settled in.

It’s been less than a week since Malia Obama moved into her dorm and officially became Harvard University’s most famous freshman.

It appears the public attention is beginning to grate on the 19-year-old former first daughter.

It’s a good thing that she took that ‘gap year’ so that she had time to mature.

TMZ reported that Malia reacted pretty harshly on Saturday to an ObamaZombie that wanted a photo of her.

The gossip site said that eyewitnesses reported a woman approached Malia at a salad shop in Cambridge’s Harvard Square asking for a picture for her grandson.

After Malia politely declined, the woman walked reportedly walked outside and waited for her to complete her purchase and exit the store.

As Malia left the store, the woman snapped a photo, prompting the newly minted college student to say: ‘Are you gonna take it in my face like an animal in a cage?’
Source: Daily Mail

Wow! Looks like she’s into experimenting with recreational drugs like her dad but has the hairtrigger temper of her mom.

What. A. Package.

Watch the TMZ footage:

The Obamas moved Malia to her new digs at the Harvard University dormitory during the Solar Eclipse to avoid the prying eyes of the public.

Of course, not all eyes were on the skies and a brief video of the Obamas being escorted away by Secret Service was captured and spread on social media.



Malia didn’t seem to mind soaking up the benefits of her daddy’s fame and wealth.

But when that fame brings her unwanted attention from ‘the little people’, she shares her parent’s disdain for the common folk.

The adoring public is loved when they are a means to an end.

But when that public offers nothing but their adoration?

There is no attempt to even hide her disdain.

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