WTF? Study Shows Percentage Of Europeans Willing To Fight For Their Country

Published on August 6, 2017

Would even Churchill be able to stir their hearts today?

The rousing speeches that rallied the men of Europe to stand against impossible odds in days gone by — and those who made them — have long since fallen silent.

And none have risen to take their place.

This map depicting how likely people are to stand and defend their country is not encouraging, either.

It’s a breakdown of the percentages of people willing to fight and go to war for their own countries.

From high to low, these are the percentages by country:

74% – Finland
73% – Turkey
62% – Ukraine
59% – Russia
58% – Kosovo
55% – Bosnia and Herzegovina
55% – Sweden
54% – Greece
47% – Poland
46% – Serbia
41% – Latvia
39% – Switzerland
38% – Ireland
38% – Macedonia
38% – Romania
37% – Denmark
29% – France
28% – Portugal
27% – United Kingdom
26% – Iceland
25% – Bulgaria
23% – Czech Republic
21% – Austria
21% – Spain
20% – Italy
19% – Belgium
18% – Germany
15% – The Netherlands

The numbers came from a Gallup poll.

Millions of men are pouring into Europe as ‘Migrants’. Not women and children. Not aged and infirm. Men, of fighting age.

Is it not possible that conflict is coming?

France and the UK are nuclear powers. That complicates things.

So where are the stout hearts that once defended the lands of their birth?

Have ‘Progressive’ doctrines of pacifism and sapped their strength?

Has a long period of peace made them too comfortable?

Has wealth and comfort made them soft?

Something made them soft.

Something made them change in a few short generations.

Is it something we face, here, as well?

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