Biased Media REFUSES To Acknowledge Trump’s Wins

Written by William Pauwels on September 26, 2017

I sometimes wonder why the criticism of President Donald Trump is so severe and personal — whereas the criticism of President Obama was minuscule by comparison. It was rarely personal against Obama, except from the few, extreme racist-types. I can only assume that the mainstream media agreed with
Obama’s Socialistic views — and that even those who did not agree were reluctant to attack him personally for fear of being called a racist.

Trump is battling a self-serving Congress in the implementation of voter desires. Don’t let the Leftist media or the Democrats or RINO Republicans convince you that President Trump has accomplished nothing during his nine months in office. Nothing could be further from the truth. He has sixty-one
specific accomplishments — a greater number than any previous peacetime president.

Furthermore, the Leftist media have given minimal coverage to Trump’s sixty-one accomplishments — and/or buried coverage — and in many cases, none at all. Needless-to-say, this is disgraceful and unpatriotic and irresponsible!

But we can do our part by forwarding this and other pro-Trump messages to friends and foes. Let’s not let the smear-everything-Trump media and Democrats achieve their irresponsible and deceptive objective.

Don’t be a bystander. Take action now.

photo credit: Excerpted from: Gage Skidmore Donald Trump via photopin (license)

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William Pauwels
William A. Pauwels, Sr. was born in Jackson Michigan to a Belgian, immigrant, entrepreneurial family. Bill is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and served in executive and/or leadership positions at Thomson Industries, Inc., Dow Corning, Loctite and Sherwin-Williams. He is currently CIO of Pauwels Private Investment Practice. He's been commenting on matters political/economic/philosophical since 1980.