Eight Years of Obama Helped ‘Fundamentally Transform’ Our Culture

Written by Andrew Allen on September 26, 2017

How come disrespecting the flag and anthem at a football game is First Amendment protected free speech but praying before a game isn’t protected by the same amendment?

Isn’t rap music cultural appropriation? Didn’t Whites and Asians invent the majority of music industry electronics and especially the ubiquitous autotune?

Speaking of cultural appropriation and autotune, Bhad Bhabie is selling right now because she’s a white girl pretending to be what she thinks is black. Isn’t it racist that a fourteen-year-old famous for saying “cash me ou’side how ba da” on national TV thinks she represents black culture?

What happened to the letter “t”? How come no one under thirty uses it anymore? Clinton is pronounced Cli-uhn. “What Happened” is “Wha Happen”.

Probably has som’in ah do ba toxic masculinity given a “t” has a manly tone to it. Speaking of toxic masculinity, is that why the NFL has turned into a suicide cult? As a business model I mean. Their ra’ings suck. Their ticket sales suck. And they want to turn October into SJW month.

One would think after eight years of fun’amenal transformation Bhad Bhabie and all her SJW heaux would know all black people aren’ bitching, whining, moaning and perpetually victimized people.

Oh wait. Eight years of fundamental transformation are why all these things are happening. And why my team can’t pray before kickoff. Why it’s ok to dress up like the klan in all black and behave like the SS in the name of antifascism.

All the while debating which gender of fifty-eight options feels best at any given moment. Because apparently you can be more than one gender at a time. Somehow humans are both animals one rung better than apes while magically being the only gender-confused species in existence.

There are no bulls that think they are cows. Nor are their boy dogs that think they are bitches.

But NFL players get to behave like SJW bitches in need of a safe space. I’ve got a safe space for them. They don’t like the flag or anthem? Cool. They can sit in the locker room and kneel there out of sight and mind.

Kind of like how people of the Christian faith have to do these days.

After eight years of fundamental transformation, how come nobody left or right is happy anymore? How ba da?

Image: Screen shot: “The Nation”; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcXG42RNF44

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Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen (@aandrewallen) grew up in the American southeast and for more than two decades has worked as an information technoloigies professional in various locations around the globe. A former far-left activist, Allen became a conservative in the late 1990s following a lengthy period spent questioning his own worldview. When not working IT-related issues or traveling, Andrew Allen spends his time discovering new ways to bring the pain by exposing the idiocy of liberals and their ideology.