‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Signs MEGA Record Deal – I Guess Being Obnoxious Pays Off

Published on September 17, 2017

Maybe you were hoping she would just go away.
Guess again… stupidity sells.

The obnoxious teenage girl — she just turned 14 in March — is milked by the celebrity mill.

If you don’t know who Danielle Bregoli is, she became famous by being an unruly kid whose mom brought her onto Dr. Phil’s show because she was in trouble with the law.

At age 13.

She was mouthy, and said a catchphrase that instantly went viral — ‘Cash me Outside … how bow da?’.

She parlayed her internet fame into some big money. Her first car was a Porsche… at fourteen.

She was convicted of the charges she had faced. (Details here.)

Her mother is custodial parent, but her father is the one who seems to care who she becomes as a person.

Everyone else in her world is enabling her aberrant behavior. Because there’s money to be made in it.

And now, she’s cutting a rap album. She’s signing with Atlantic Records, apparently a Multi-million dollar contract.

In today’s world, the product need not be ‘good’ so long as it gets clicks. She’s living proof.

Titled ‘These Heaux’ — Get it? Hoes? She’s SOOO clever.

In it, she is sharing the wit and wisdom she has gathered over a lifetime of trials and triumphs. Yes… she’s 14.

She’s going by the name ‘Bhad Bhabie’

She’s singing about how she started from the bottom. And now she’s ‘made it’. Very original.

She’s fourteen. Has a criminal record. Is surrounded by sycophants that are happy to bleed her dry and discard her when people stop caring about her angst.

She’s another Disney child-star tragedy in the making.

The only question still unanswered is when she starts that tired celebrity cycle of rehab and rebranding.

Dad is the only one who seems to care about what she becomes. But he’s been cut out of the picture. And she’s slagging him in her music.

Big money is too LOUD a voice for the other people in her life to ignore.

Will she get her head on straight before she crashes and burns?

The odds are not in her favor.

If she ever decides success includes being a well-rounded person, rather than a cash cow for Hollywood Hangers-on to milk… she should pick up this book.

It was written to help girls NOT become train wrecks.

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