Liberal Rockers U2 Cancel Concert Because They’re TERRIFIED Of Liberal Protesters

Published on September 17, 2017

Isn’t Bono supposed to be an ‘ally’ to ‘the resistance’?
So what’s to be afraid of his when his own team is doing the marching?

Bono and U2 are touring America again.

And they’re no fans of Trump. They’ve thrown in with the ‘resistance’ movement.

There’s even a ‘blame America’ segment in their tour right now.

They went to a refugee camp — not to help them find resettlement — why would he use his gazillions for helping find her a home? — he went to a refugee camp to shoot a propaganda piece.

Then we got this idea of, “What if we got to know a woman, a girl, in a refugee camp?” The sort of women that aren’t welcome, that President Trump doesn’t want in America, in the country that brought us the great lines of Emma Lazarus at the foot of the Statue of Liberty. Let’s meet one such immigrant who he wants to turn away from the shore.
…He finds this incredible spirit, Omaima. She talks about America as a dreamland. She closes her eyes and J.R. asks her in another segment of the film we don’t broadcast, “What do you see when you think of America?” She goes, “Oh, it is a civilized country and they are a good people.” It was just heartbreaking. We’ve put some of that in that show, just for a kick in the balls. Just when you think things are lighting up, we do the ode to women. The next thing you know this woman gives you a kick in the balls, but in the most velvet way. She says everything. Sometimes when we’re playing it I have to turn away from the film. —RollingStone

But his contempt for America wasn’t enough to keep him from PROFITING off of American wealth, was it?

But that was way back in May. What’s he up to now?

Their tour took them to St Louis, which is making headlines now. Thugs on the Left have decided to ‘Resist’ a Judge’s acquittal of a former police officer by destroying ‘every storefront on the loop’.

So they canceled their concert? For the safety of their fans?

Why would they want to do that? After all… they support all the same causes.

Nobody is Illegal, right? Black lives matter, right? All of Syria should be able to move to St Louis for a chance at a better life, right?

But when the team they back showed their true colors… they all packed up and ran away.

As the headlines said … ‘when peaceful protests turned violent’.


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