CLASH POLL: Is John McCain’s Political Legacy A Pathetic McCrapsicle?

Written by K. Walker on September 23, 2017

At the eleventh hour, you can always count on John McCain to do something incredibly stupid.

Republicans have been critical of craptastic ObamaCare that has resulted in skyrocketing premiums and deductibles, fewer insurers in many states, and ‘if you like your doctor’ you just might be screwed.

The very ‘inconvenient truth’ here is that McCain ran on repealing and replacing ObamaCare.

John McCain was allegedly keen to nix ObamaCare because it was such a ‘sleazy process’.

It’s been a long time, but he was allegedly the one that was ‘leading the fight to STOP ObamaCare’, but…

He rescued ObamaCare twice, but he’s sold us out again and again.

Here he goes again:

What exactly does ‘bipartisan’ mean to RINO John McCain?

Every member of the GOP should just shut it and push a progressive, socialist agenda?

Just because he seems more comfortable working with Democrats than Republicans, it doesn’t mean that you can just not follow through on campaign promises.

This election was decisive — Republicans won the House, the Senate,  and the White House, largely on the promise to repeal and replace failing ObamaCare.

McCain himself ran on that.

President Trump responded on Twitter:

President Trump is right.  Again.

John McCain is a veteran and deserves honor for that.  He was a POW and he is certainly a hero.  That does not necessarily make him a good senator.  He hasn’t been a Republican senator for a very long time.

We’re not calling him out for being unpatriotic — far from it.

He loves his country, that’s why his legacy is one of service to his country.

McCain has courage.  That’s obvious in his willingness to serve as a member of our military.

But he doesn’t seem to have the courage of his convictions which is what we need for him to serve as a member of our Senate.

That’s really what’s lacking here.

McCain is going through a health care crisis right now, and we all have compassion about that.

At this time in his life, you’d think that he’d be concerned about the implications of affordable healthcare for all Americans.

The proponents of ObamaCare fail to mention that there are many people that have lost coverage because of Obamacare.

Employers that used to cover them have either cut back their health insurance coverage or cut it off entirely.

What about all those Americans? Don’t they count?

Those who liked their doctor but couldn’t keep their doctor?

How about the many people all over the country that can’t afford the ObamaCare premiums or the outrageous deductibles?

Do they just suffer?

What about states that are rapidly losing insurers?

There are several counties that would have 0 — yes, that’s ZERO — insurers in 2018.

ObamaCare isn’t the miracle solution that it was promised to be, and it will ultimately fail.

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