Dear Idiots: If A Cop Ever Tells You To Put Down Your Gun – Take Their Advice

Written by K. Walker on September 4, 2017

The officer had pulled over the Ford van because of a moving violation. Nobody expected this to happen…

A Kettering, Ohio police officer pulled over a female driver in a van on August 27 for not signaling while changing lanes and for malfunctioning brake lights.

A passenger in the van, Jason Hoops, was illegally carrying a gun. When the officer saw it, he gave multiple orders that were ignored.

It goes downhill fast.

Kettering police officer Jonathon McCoy gave nearly 30 commands to the occupants of a gray Ford van last Sunday once he saw the front-seat passenger had a gun in his right front pocket.

What started as a traffic stop of the woman driver for not signaling while changing lanes and malfunctioning brake lights escalated into an officer firing nine shots at Jason Hoops.

Many of McCoy’s commands included swear words as he yelled, “You reach for that gun, I will blow your brains out, do you (expletive) understand me?”


Kettering police Chief Chip Protsman said during a Friday press conference that in the 69 seconds from when McCoy, 27, noticed a Ruger handgun’s grip sticking out of Hoops’ front-right pants pocket, the officer told Hoops many times to comply.

Protsman said McCoy told Hoops six times to get his hands up, six times to put his hands on the dash, four times not to move, twice not to reach for the gun, twice not to do anything stupid and four times to relax.

It turns out that Hoops was violating his parole agreement by carrying a gun.

“We know there was a physical confrontation where the officer reached in and grabbed hold of Mr. Hoops’ right arm, trying to stop him from reaching down towards the gun,” Protsman said. “This continues for a little bit.

“We now know through the investigation that Mr. Hoops pulled his hand away from him and then reached down for the gun, and the officer stepped back, and that’s when the shots were fired.”

It seems as though Officer McCoy did indeed feel threatened by Hoops.

McCoy told dispatchers, “Shots fired. Shots fired,” before again yelling, “Hands up!” and firing four more shots.

“Through the investigation, we now know that at that time, that Mr. Hoops was looking at him and his hands did drop down towards where the weapon was again and the officer fired again for the second time because he felt threatened.”

Officer McCoy is on administrative leave during the investigation, but that is routine.

The investigation into the officer-involved shooting seems pretty clear-cut.

“What I’ve seen in this video, I’m pretty confident in saying that this officer did a very good job on this stop,” Protsman said, adding that Hoops had felony convictions and was legally prohibited from carrying a firearm.

Protsman said police had a signed statement from someone who said Hoops said was not going to go back to prison and “was willing to take out any cop that he had to.”

That dude sounds like a real winner.

Officer McCoy has been commended several times for lifesaving and giving medical assistance to civilians.

Officer McCoy was one of three Kettering officers who received a commendation for actions taken April 26, 2016, to save a life. The officers recognized an unresponsive man needed medical attention and administering CPR and using an automated electronic defibrillator before paramedics had arrived, the commendation noted.

McCoy also was commended for finding a 60-year-old man in need of medical assistance when he was returning the man’s dog to his home.

His last performance review was glowing.

McCoy’s supervisor noted he has a “strong work ethic and consistently leads the platoon in traffic related activity and on arrests, with a focus on drug charges” and that he’s a “hard charger who looks to produce.”
Source: Dayton Daily News

PRO TIP: Listening and doing what a police officer commands you to do might very well save your life.

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