Quisling Pastors Collaborate with Anti-God Leftists In War Against Christianity

Written by Ian Bayne on September 5, 2017

He’s not fair. He’s not politically correct. He’s certainly not welcome in our public schools and He failed to speak out against slavery or do anything to stop it.

Surely, he must be at least censored, right?

Had a politician said half of the things that came from God’s mouth, he would be run out of office.

This is the new line of thinking for what we call the “millennial” generation, taking to the streets with their purple hair, pimples, and masks.

Ten years ago they called for change and we’ve been getting it without even seeing it coming.

And the response from some of our conservative friends?

They agree.

Facebook battles are raging with conservative Christians who embrace a God that simply does not exist in order to avoid offending their friends and neighbors (and cousin Judy).

They say that “God is love” and that this means to “love” anyone and anything spouting anything at all and doing whatever it is they want.

No, God’s love is not the spreading of sin.

God’s love is salvation. God’s love is faith in Christ. God’s love is the opportunity to be filled with the Holy Spirit in attempt to beg forgiveness from the one true savior, Jesus Christ.

God’s love is life and to be saved from the fires of the pit of hell.

If God accepted all for who they were, there would be no hell; (and there are some new Bible versions that conveniently leave hell out)

If there’s no hell, then the Bible is wrong.

If the Bible is wrong, we have no Christians — only people on Facebook claiming that God loves homosexuality and wrote the Koran in an effort to save Muslims.


God does not love sin and if the Koran is salvation and the Bible is wrong then why even call yourself a Christian?

Because your neighbor does?

I’m not a pastor. I’m a sinful and very flawed believer who converted in 2004.

I believe that anyone claiming to be gay or a murderer or an adulterer or a sex offender or anything else should be accepted in church just as much as anyone else.

But it’s absolutely shocking to see pastors rush to political correctness in order to deny the very God they claim to worship.

Is this the “change” we were talking about in 2008?

“Building a bridge” to Muslims by claiming only one God created both the Koran and the Bible is contradictory to the Bible:

For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; – 1 Timothy 2:5

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. – John 14:6

Are these megachurch pastors so wrapped up in rock and roll concerts that they aren’t reading their own Bibles?

And is it really “Christian love” to spread false hope to Muslims by making them think they are saved when the Bible says otherwise?

This is logic I think a Muslim would agree with. They don’t tell Christians that we’re saved. That wouldn’t make any sense.

And if you believe that homosexuality is a sin and will lead to eternal damnation, why would you tell a friend that you support them leading a homosexual lifestyle? Is that love? Sending a friend to eternal hell is love?

Obviously, there is a slow moving push to criminalize Christianity by branding it a hate crime and we all see that.

But what if something far worse is going on?

By rebranding Christianity into something it is not, God’s word will be far more damaged.

Few will be saved. Confusion will reign, and God’s word will be silenced.

And the good news that is the Gospel will no longer exist.

This, my friends, is “change” we can believe in and it’s a formula that’s been carefully crafted for years.

It’s already happening with food.

Agitators have successfully used a political agenda to slowly change the ingredients of our food, from tasty and natural to trans-fat free and filled with chemicals.

If we can do it with food, we can certainly do it with religion. You really can’t taste the difference between a chocolate chip cookie or potato chip now and one 15 years ago?

How about gun rights? Do you even know what that means anymore?

We’ve been changing the 2nd Amendment for years without rewriting it.

No one will ban guns or religion. But if the meaning of guns and religion can be somehow “changed” then there’s no need to.

This eliminates an underground movement that may spread.

Anyone who’s been watching the marijuana debate over the last few decades knows that something that has been banned does not go away. But changed, with the help of the leading pastors in America?

That’s certainly the best way to destroy Christianity.

And you thought Obama’s call to “change” this country was all about making you broke and putting you on government welfare.

photo credit: Olivier Bruchez Completely wrong, but somehow funny via photopin (license)

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Ian Bayne
Ian Bayne is a former radio talk show host and political consultant. He is currently a small business owner living in central Illinois. Follow him on Twitter @ ianbayneisright