Ever Since Beck Attacked Trump, Things Have Gone SOUTH For Him – WAY South

Published on September 2, 2017

Glenn Beck is no stranger to controversy, and he has never been shy about making his personal opinions known.

When it was down to the last two Republicans in the 2016 Primaries, Beck went ‘all in’ because he believed it was the right thing to do.

When Trump came out on top, Glenn continued to oppose him. Actively.

Beck even apologized for supporting Cruz when Cruz put his support behind Trump.

(Even though, since Cruz had promised to back the winner, his integrity would be impugned if he didn’t.)

By the time of the election, Beck had even walked back his opposition to BLM, and was even conciliatory to Obama, saying that ‘Obama made him a better man.’

He even thought about pulling the lever for Hillary. (Hillary!) But he ended up voting for neither.

Considering how Beck had hammered him over specific abuses that contravened the Constitution, this was surprising to many.

“I played a role, unfortunately,” he told Megyn Kelly during a 2014 interview on Fox News, “in helping tear the country apart.” He told me that now that America has “hit the iceberg,” he wants to help it heal. –Atlantic

Skip ahead to 2017. The die is cast. Where are we now?

Nationally syndicated radio host Glenn Beck announced Thursday afternoon that his media company The Blaze had laid off over one fifth of its workforce.
“What happened? My heart is heavy today,” begins a post from Beck on his news website.

“We are losing a lot of talented and committed colleagues, who are some of the best human beings I know,” Beck writes “Some have been friends of mine for 30 years.” —Breitbart

That’s on top of the people that were laid off in April.

If the Daily Beast (no friend to Beck) is to be believed (take it with a grain of salt):

The employees of Glenn Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts and The Blaze, the privately-held companies that comprise his once thriving but now crumbling conservative media empire, suspected something bad was going to happen Thursday morning when they arrived for work at the suburban Dallas, Texas, production complex and noticed the extra complement of security guards.
… Some of the terminated employees were seen reeling out of the company’s human resources office in tears after being instructed to surrender their IDs, pack up their personal belongings and vacate the premises, while their access to corporate email was revoked.
Daily Beast

Beck is putting on a ‘brave face’ while his world changes dramatically.

How much of this is related to branding issues? Who can tell?

He has been drifting further and further from the ideas he first built his movement around… the TeaParty type values. Anti-Globalists, pro-Constitution.

And he’s been drifting in a direction that even he once would have called unthinkable.

Beck also baffled fans and foes alike when he lavished praise on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg — a rising star among globalist, pro-censorship elites — after several reports claimed the social networking site had censored conservative news websites from its Trending News widget. Beck and other conservative media figures visited Facebook HQ to discuss the issue, and the radio host said afterward he found no fundamental ideological differences with the tech giant’s employees. Fox News host Tucker Carlson accused Beck of “sucking up” to Zuckerberg during the guided tour. —Breitbart


He and Zuckerberg are on the same page now?

We’re not thinking Zuckerberg has come any further to the Right, so…

Where does that leave Beck? Or his business?

What comes next is anybody’s guess.

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