CLASH QUIZ: Which Of These Libs Is America’s ‘MOST EXPENSIVE’ President?

Published on September 2, 2017

Presidents, when finished their term in office, don’t just ‘go away’.
Keeping them around costs some money. And now we know how much. Guess which one is most ‘entitled’?

Jimmy Carter — for all his faults — is actually soaking the taxpayer the LEAST for his expenses.

In 2018, he is asking for $456,000 for his Government-paid office space and expenses.

Sounds like a lot, right?

Sure it does. Until you compare it to the other Presidents’ office budgets.

Former President George H.W. Bush is requesting $942,000. The information was contained in an analysis by the Congressional Research Service. —DailyMail

Clinton’s office expenses in Harlem are in the $900K range.

Dubya’s office expenses are closer to $1M.

But the new digs for POTUS #44?

Former President Barack Obama’s D.C. office space has pushed him past all of his predecessors when it comes to his post-presidential office space paid for by the government. —DailyMail

The taxpayer is looking at $1,153,000 budget request for 2018

Why is that? Because his new digs HAVE to be in Washington DC.

Seriously? The man spends most of his time living the life of a ‘0.1 percent-er’, lounging on yachts with bigwigs.

The big ticket item running up Obama’s costs is his Washington, D.C. office, costing $536,000 in annual rent, and filling 8,198 of prime Washington, D.C. real estate.
The Obamas elected to remain in D.C. while Sasha Obama finishes school, and bought luxurious home in D.C.’s Kalorama neighborhood. —DailyMail

Right. ‘While she finishes school.’

He has no intention to run a shadow-government opposition to our Duly-elected president for the next four years, right?

Sure… we ‘all’ believe that, don’t we?

He didn’t soak us enough for lavish foreign vacations that his family took TWO planes to attend. He has to set up an office for running political interference after he’s left office, too.

Why can’t he just go into Philanthropy like other Presidents before him? Could it be because politics and power ARE the one issue he truly cares about?

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