If Freedom of Speech Goes, So Too Does America

Written by Sylvia Andrews on September 20, 2017

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees us the right to freedom of speech and the freedom to practice whatever religion we wish. Unfortunately, under the previous administration, we began to see erosion of these freedoms. The problem occurred as Barack Obama and his Liberal buddies sought to “fundamentally transform America”. What were they transforming the country into? A Socialist, Globalist state! This was the country that people from all over the world, envied because of our wonderful freedoms.

In the past, both the Democrat and Republican parties were committed to following the Constitution, but the Democrats decided to dramatically change their party, and it has morphed into a Progressive, anti-American group who employs unethical practices and has no respect for our laws. They lie, they cheat, and their rhetoric is hateful and against everything in which we’ve always believed. We also have some RINOs who act like members of the opposition and do not support Donald Trump, the man that We, The People, elected as POTUS.

Freedom of speech has become more and more difficult, and we must fight to maintain it because without this freedom there is no free society. Those on the left have adopted the concept that we must all be careful of what we say. They claim that we don’t want to offend the Muslims. However, they have no problems with the constant spewing of hate-filled rhetoric by the Muslims.

It is unfortunate that we have a large number of Progressive Federal judges who go along with this and shred the Constitution in doing so. A Federal court in New Jersey ruled that the residents of Bernard Township in that state cannot criticize Islam. They are banned from mentioning Muslims or Islam at a public hearing, which is to decide if a mosque should be built in that community. What kind of discussion can occur if Islam is not mentioned? The court has violated the First Amendment by restricting speech and by favoring the Muslims over other faiths.

Academia is another area where free speech is at great risk. In some classes run by Liberal professors, a student who has a differing opinion may receive a lower grade, or even be booted out of the class. The colleges and universities have not honored the idea that all ideologies are welcomed to be presented and discussed. Conservative students frequently have difficulty on campus and are often ostracized and even harassed by other students. Campus groups such as the Muslim Students Association is especially active in this area.

Many students come to college from homes where they have been coddled, and feel that they should continue to be protected. They do not want to be exposed to anything which is in conflict with their beliefs because it will upset them. In Academia, the administrators of the schools have accommodated these snowflakes…that is not how you build character.

It scares me to think that these little delicate flowers are to be the future leaders of our country. Many conservative and anti-Sharia speakers have had their invitations revoked. Therefore, the students are not exposed to a variety of views and will not learn to think independently and critically, or to even have a point of view of their own.

In elementary, middle, and high school, students are essentially told what to think. This is indoctrination and parents should be aware, and be involved. They need to see that their children do not succumb to the dangerous Progressive’s dumbing down of their children.

Sadly, we are seeing the suppression of free speech in our government. General H. R. McMaster, who is the head of the National Security Council, opposes any language that connects Islam and terrorism. Employees are not permitted to discuss radical Islam. Rich Higgins, who was the former Director of Strategic Planning at the NSC, was fired by General McMasters for a memo he wrote, warning about the dangers of radical Islam and its alliance with the radical Left. Of course, the big question here is, what is McMaster doing in a top position in the Trump administration? I say to our President…get rid of this guy as soon as possible. He is toxic, and does not appear to be going along with the agenda you laid out for those of us who voted for you.

Last word: If we allow our freedoms to be taken away by corrupt, Progressive politicians and judges, we shall become a country of stupid robots. Our republic will be lost forever and so will the independent, strong, freedom-loving Americans. Let’s fight to keep those freedoms.

Image: Excerpted from: https://pixabay.com/en/sculpture-bronze-our-silences-1053273/

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Sylvia Andrews
Sylvia Andrews has a Masters Degree in nursing, and has practiced for many years. She is politically active, holds strong opinions about how and where the country should be headed. A well-travelled person, she’s been to almost all 50 states and several foreign countries. She advocates for the Constitution and very much for the 2nd Amendment. She can be contacted at sfa1932@att.net