Friends Supposedly Gathered To Watch Dallas Cowboys – What The Cops Discovered Was DEMONIC

Published on September 11, 2017

It was supposed to be a fun night of getting some friends together and watching football. How did it escalate to THIS?

When you say you’re going over to a buddy’s house to watch the game, you might wonder if you’re supposed to bring beer or nachos.

But NOBODY wonders if they’ll ever make it home again.

That’s because nobody anticipates they’re stepping into chaos like this.

Plano, Texas. A quiet suburb of Dallas Fort Worth.

Hardly a place you’d associate with mass murder. In fact, there are usually only 4 or five killings a year.

Last night changed that.

An argument broke out between a woman and the gunman, but we don’t know what the argument was over.

Witnesses said the argument got heated. REALLY heated.

“It sounded like an argument between a woman and a man and it got really loud…next thing you know all you heard was multiple rounds just going off,” Crystal Sugg, who works nearby, told FOX4.

Sugg said she heard a loud argument for about 20 minutes – and then gunshots.

“I heard guns and a lot of screaming,” she said. “All I heard was, ‘Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.’” —Fox

Guys who left the party to watch it at a local bar confirmed that it was, in fact, a watch party.

The police thought they’d be responding to a weapons infraction… not an ‘active shooter’ situation. But when they entered the home, thye faced the gunman, and they put him down.

As you can see in this clip, police showed up in force.

The shooter and seven of his victims were fatalities. But two people were rushed to hospital… their conditions are not presently known.

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