Heartbreaking ‘Environy’: Why It’s Raining Ash in the Pacific Northwest

Written by Rob Morse on September 8, 2017

It isn’t easy being “Green”. They say, “We need forests to stop global warming. We need to let forests burn. We can’t manage forests.”

Huh? Sounds to me like we should sell off the land to private interests instead.

Read my friend, Victoria Taft:

“..forests need to be weeded and nourished and selectively harvested to mitigate the damage of forest fires.”

“Efforts must be made to ‘save the forests’ by not letting them burn to ash, which pollutes the air.”

“Environmentalists have failed at their forest ‘management.’ The people who have been doing it for profit for decades – the ones who are left, I mean – likely have the best practices to lead the way. It’s time to start listening to them again.”

Read the rest at: “It’s Raining Ash in the Pacific Northwest & the Reason Why Is a Heartbreaking ‘Environy’

Image: Excerpted from: photo credit: Curtis Gregory Perry Eagle Creek via photopin (license)

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