JUSTICE? Lesbian Duo Abused Their Son, Causing Him 2 Strokes – Was The Judge Too Lenient?

Written by K. Walker on September 21, 2017

What these two did to a young child is pure evil.

A lesbian couple from Oklahoma abused the son of one of the women so badly that he had 2 strokes.

The boy was just 5 years old at the time.

The child suffered horrific abuse for months including having his hand hit with a hammer. He had been whipped all over his body with a belt, tied up and had his eyes covered with duct tape. The boy said that on one occasion, his step-mother kicked him in the groin until he bled.

Rachel Stevens, 29, and her partner Kayla Jones, 26, pleaded no contest on Friday to child abuse and child neglect charges. They were jailed for 20 years on Wednesday as part of a plea deal.

The case first came to light in early December, 2015, when Stevens’ then five-year-old son was flown to St John Medical Center in Tulsa suffering from seizures and lesions on his face.

The couple blamed the child for his ‘self-inflicted wounds’ and even had the nerve to set up a Go Fund Me page to pay for his medical treatment.


The station NewsOn6 reported that the couple then launched a GoFundMe campaign for Stevens’ son, claiming that the toddler was picking his own face and was having seizures after suffering a fall.

Police said the suspects, who have been together for around three years, shared their Muskogee home with the victim’s twin brother and 8-year-old sister, but they do not believe those children were mistreated.

The siblings have been taken into the custody of the Department of Human Services.
Source: Daily Mail

These ‘people’ shouldn’t ever see freedom again.

20 years seems like a slap on the wrist after singling out and quite literally torturing a 5-year old boy — Stevens’ own son.

What kind of a monster do you have to be to do that?

How could she let someone do that to her child?

They’re both monsters.

If anyone dared to lay a finger on my kid, I’d be like:


What do you think?

Was the sentence too light?

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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