Libs Will HATE Who The President Just Donated His $1M To In Hurricane Relief Funds

Published on September 7, 2017

Libs love when money is thrown at SPLC for them to tuck a few more millions in their offshore account.

But have you seen which groups Trump signed checks for? Liberals had better keep their smelling salts ready. They just might swoon.

It should be fine though. He’ already been criticized for ‘only’ giving a million dollars of his own money.

This is the same President who never gets to face his qccusers before the story goes public, and most of thoe stories are told with ‘alternate facts’.

One of them they’d probably be fine with. As for the other parents? News like that could give some of them a stroke.

Perfect example: Franklin Graham. Franklin is definitely his ‘own person’.

He’s been on their sh-t list for a very long time.

They aren’t fans of his take on Islam. Or how he weighed in on Charlottesville.

Because his charity — Samaritan’s Purse … which among other things it does, specializes in disaster recovery is a great choice. But to know Franklin Graham’s cause gat them some coin? It must be driving them crazy. $100,000.

Red Cross and Salvation Army each got $300K. They’ll probably think that’s more or less fine they might chafe at the religious nature of Salvation Army, but will recognize it for the work it does. They’ve probably fogotton entirely about the founding of the Red Cross and assume it’s strictly secular.

Trump also said he would also give $100,000 to Reach Out America, a Houston-based charity connected to the United Pentecostal Church International.

And $25k each to:

—Operation Blessing International, a faith-based disaster-relief charity based in Virginia Beach

—Catholic Charities

— The Houston Humane Society

—The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

—Team Rubicon, a charity that sends teams of military veterans to help in disaster zones.

—Portlight Inclusive Disaster Strategies, a nonprofit group that focuses on helping those with disabilities.

—Direct Relief, a medical-aid group which has shipped doses of medicines and vaccines — all of which must be kept cold — to flood-ravaged areas in Texas.

Operation Blessing! Oh no!

The Rubicon seems a really great choice, considering how many citizens stepped up to help their neighbors.

Of course, the Media (D) and their liberal playmates will find all sorts of reasons to bitch about it.

On that note, how much did Obama and the Clintons give of their own considerable cash for hurricane relief? #askingforafriend

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