Mom Refuses To Let Her Kid Be Taught By A ‘Fat Teacher’ – Does She Have A Point?

Written by K. Walker on September 7, 2017

Whoa, Nelly! This mom is charging forward into a politically incorrect minefield. Will she survive?

She’s already taken heat on Facebook for her posts against ‘fat positivity’.

Hillary Freeman, a writer for the Daily Mail, has publicly admitted that she deliberately chose to not send her child to a nursery school because the teachers there were fat.

She grew uneasy as she saw the kind, gentle teacher 20-year old, morbidly obese teacher playing with the children while huffing and puffing. Her face was flushed and she moved slowly.

Did she have the energy and reflexes to rescue a child in danger?

Freeman was also concerned about the unhealthy eating habits that her daughter might be exposed to as she watched the teacher eating her lunch with the kids.

And then, there is just the societal normalization of obesity.

God help you if you say a word about it.

It’s a real issue.

Here’s Freeman’s take:

This is the first time I have publicly admitted to feeling this way. Aware that the reaction would be anger and vilification, I censored myself. I told everyone I preferred the other nursery because it was smaller and friendlier. I knew I would be accused of discrimination, or ‘fat-shaming’, if I admitted the truth.

It’s not politically correct to comment on anyone’s size any more, and certainly not to say anything negative about obesity. Some even see the word ‘fat’ as equivalent to a racial or homophobic slur.

Fat-positivity — also known as fat acceptance — has gone too far. Originally a response to discrimination against those who aren’t slim enough to fit into society’s beauty ideal, it’s now an excuse for the severely obese to celebrate their bodies, the consequences be damned.

We’ve taken note of this trend and it’s pretty gross.

The ‘fat positivity’ movement doesn’t like anyone that suggests dieting or exercise, or that there are health risks associated with obesity.

It’s nuts.

This scene from X-Men Origins: Wolverine is ‘fatphobic’ now:

Even though it does look like Blob has an ass coming out of the front of his shirt.

But the ‘fat acceptance’ trend denies medical evidence that it is unhealthy, and is setting people down the path to ill-health.

If that nursery assistant had been chain-smoking, everyone would have condemned her. But as a public health concern, the only real difference between smoking and obesity is that you can’t passively get fat.

Although even that is open to question. For studies have shown your friends can have as much impact on your size as your genes. Your chances of becoming obese go up by a staggering 57 per cent if your best friend does. A friend in greed truly is a friend indeed.

It’s not just because you’re likely to spend time sharing fries or tubs of Haagen-Dazs. It’s because it changes your perception of what is an acceptable weight. Obesity becomes the norm.

Freeman is right, we’ve made smoking socially unpalatable, and it has worked.

Pushing ‘fat acceptance’ normalizes obesity.

Is that what we really want to do?

She sums it all up like this:

People can’t help being tall or short, old or young. We can’t help the colour of our skin, our cultural background or the place of our birth. We shouldn’t criticise anyone for these things. Obesity isn’t the same: people become fat.

I don’t think that the disgust response to obesity is a social construct. I believe it’s innate because we know unconsciously that it’s a dangerous state.

Discrimination is never good. But neither is obesity. So let’s stop celebrating it, and instead offer a bit of tough love.
Source: Daily Mail

All that sounds great — but did Freeman go too far in not enrolling her kid in the nursery school?

We need to be responsible to teach our children to eat right and exercise.

It’s even more important these days with kids just plopping down in front of screens.

Sure, it might be comforting to have your kids safe in your house and not ‘getting into trouble’.

But just sitting around is not good for them.

They need to get their exercise — especially since it seems that schools are cutting down on the physical activity because they’re afraid of lawsuits.

Get your kids and grandkids outside and moving, and heck, why not go out there with them? It’ll do you both good!

What do you think?

Is Freeman right or did she go too far?

Let us know in the comments.’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

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