University’s Prof Thinks ‘It’s A Privilege To Teach Future DEAD Cops’ – Should He Be FIRED?

Published on September 16, 2017

If he’d rather attend his students’ funerals than their graduation, is he REALLY fit to teach them at all?

This is the sort of scumbag that is populating our colleges now.

Is there any wonder so many are coming out of school as messed up SJWs?

Here is the Tweet that has him in trouble…

Naturally, it has since been removed. But you can see what sort of person he might be with some of his other tweets.

He also opened a chapter of Antifa, entitled Smash DC.

It doesn’t seem like he’s particularly apologetic, either:

He also retweeted this video about Black Block clashing with police in Paris.

This is the sort of person we want teaching our youth, including future cops, right?

The tweet caught the attention of police union officials after the 29-year-old anti-fascist leader appeared on Fox News Thursday night. Three union bosses and Police Commissioner James O’Neill slammed Isaacson’s tweet.

“As a 2x grad there, I know Michael Isaacson’s reprehensible values don’t represent @JohnJayCollege, #NYC, #NYPD or families of murdered cops,” O’Neill tweeted.

School president Karol Mason said the professor’s comments posed a danger to faculty and staff. —NYDaily News

Well, of COURSE, they were offended. They should be!

Police union officials unloaded on Isaacson.

“Michael Isaacson harbors total disdain for the active and future police officers that he teaches at John Jay College,” said Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch, who also wrote a letter to Mason. —NYDaily News

Does this not ‘privilege to teach future dead cops’ sound like an endorsement of violence — up to and including lethal force?

And he’s teaching at a College For Criminal Justice.

(We covered his appearance on Tucker Carleson’s show here)

Mr. Sensitive here said this a little more than a month after the murder of Miosotis Familia.

Classy. Maybe he cheers the murder of that young black mother, too.

Because she was a cop.

He’s currently on ‘administrative leave’.

Should he keep his teaching gig, or be sent packing?

Share if no school should WANT this guy for a teaching gig.

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