WATCH: Antifa Rioters Try Rioting In Texas – Texans Take ‘Em To PAINTOWN

Published on September 24, 2017

Rioting, like Real Estate, is about three things… location, location, location. And these thugs obviously did NOT do their homework.

Rioters are depending on one thing… intimidation.

Here’s the problem they never accounted for. Some people are more easily intimidated than others.

You get a few butter-soft Feminism Majors in an effete college town, and they’re a lot easier to push around than, say dock workers, tradesmen, or guys from the oil rigs.

Pick a part of the country with a feisty independent streak, and that makes it even harder.

But TEXAS???

What WERE these clods THINKING?

“You guys are just going to go home, and turn on tv and watch Nascar and forget about this, aren’t you?”

Actually, yes. Becuase you’re a bunch of two-bit punks.

This isn’t some city where you’ve got a mayor or police chief with his gonads held hostage in a PC lockbox.

Serve and Protect is their job. And Serve and Protect they shall.

The ‘clever’ little brats were even able to string together a chant — “Dead Cops, Dead Cops”.

And the already-cliche nonsensical chant: ‘cops and Klan go hand in hand’.

They threw in some other ones. The ever-popular Eff the pigs.

And ‘take the guns… off the cops.’

(FYI — that last one is not a recommended course of action. When people try that, they tend to leave in a bag.)

Take a good look at the Antifa logo, and the prominently displayed Soviet Flag.  THIS is the true face of who we are really dealing with: thugs, punks, and losers.

Brawls broke out toward the end of a rally against Confederate monuments at the Capitol on Saturday, resulting in state troopers arresting and loading two demonstrators into police cruisers, as other protesters swarmed the sidewalk hurling insults and chanting.
“We got into a big scuffle. The police grabbed a bunch of people,” said Nicolas Ortiz, an advocate with the Brown Berets who was handcuffed and briefly detained by a state trooper.
Two protesters were arrested. One, charged with assaulting a peace officer, was taken to the hospital for injuries sustained during the arrest, a Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman said. His condition was unknown Saturday night. –SanAntonio

In ‘fighting an imaginary fascism’ they have rallied around a very real flag of very REAL Oppression. USSR does NOT have a sunny human-rights record.

Ask these moronic protestors if they know the word ‘Holodomor‘ — to kill by starvation.  Or, if you prefer, ‘gulag’. Because the flag THEY are waving has as crap like those for IT’S legacy.


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