WATCH: What McCain Said About NFL Players DISRESPECTING Our Flag Is Revolting

Written by K. Walker on September 27, 2017

Does Sen. John McCain say or do anything that makes sense? This is just disgusting.

Most of us are baffled by this entire NFL protest thing.

Is it about the flag or the anthem? If it isn’t — as many players and commentators say — then why is that the touchstone that these players are using?

Is it about police brutality?



Or is it just a bunch of virtue signaling fools jumping onto the anti-Trump bandwagon?

And what needs to be done for these guys to claim this a victory and go back to respecting our anthem and our flag?

TMZ caught up with the White Knight of the Senate, John McCain to ask about the ‘Take A Knee’ protest.

As usual, Senator McCain stands on principle — except when it’s inconvenient.

Watch McCain’s take on the NFL ‘Take A Knee’ protest:

Yes, we can all agree that the right to peacefully protest is one of the great things about America.

We can also agree that protesting the anthem and flag — which represents the men and women that currently serve in our military and those that died for the freedoms that this country embodies as a beacon of light to the rest of the world — is utterly stupid.

Both of those things can be simultaneously true.

You’d think that Senator McCain, former Navy Pilot, Prisoner of War, and hero, wouldn’t like millionaire athletes disrespecting the symbols of our country for a poorly articulated grievance.

But, hey, what do I know.

President Trump came down hard on the ‘Take A Knee’ crowd and most Americans agree with him.

It seems that whatever side the President is on, you can count on Senator McCain to take the opposing view.

He’s always about ‘bi-partisanism’ but how about a little unity with the President that is from your own party now and again?

How about McCain gives that a shot.

Maybe we could actually pass some legislation that would be beneficial to the country — like say, repealing and replacing Obamacare.

As a side bonus, McCain would be able to say he’s actually kept some of his campaign promises.

What do you think?

The rest of us are still baffled by this ongoing NFL protest nonsense.

Watch Doug Giles give his thoughts on how this ‘Take A Knee’ protest can end right freaking now:

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