Will People Ever Learn They Can’t Trust ‘DemoCRAPS’?

Written by K. Walker on September 19, 2017

By Michael Martin
Clash Daily Contributor

Nurse arrested for following law by not giving blood sample without a warrant.

What we need are a few good attorney’s to file lawsuits on people’s behalf solely on contingency fees and who also agree to file lawsuits against the individual who violated Constitutional Rights, and they must also be willing to argue that violating Constitutional Rights DOES NOT COME UNDER THE PURVIEW OF THE INDIVIDUAL VIOLATORS OFFICIAL DUTIES, thus they are not exempt from lawsuits by virtue of being government employees operating under the scope of their official duties. I believe that the egregiousness of the offense should negate any immunity the law grants government employees who violate the constitution.

Democrap Mayor of Houston doesn’t order evacuation – yet voters refuse to learn not to trust Democraps! What will it take for voters to learn a lesson?

Looters in Houston to get mandatory jail time according to a District attorney while another says they can get up to life in prison! Why not just shoot them and save the taxpayers the money from having to warehouse them for the next 50 years? I bet they wouldn’t have to kill too many of them and they’d quit looting! In older times rioters and looters would be shot … Why the change of heart now? Would too many democraps lose their right to vote? Being dead never stopped them from voting before!

Trump declares National Day of Prayer for Sunday Sept 3, 2017 but internet news doesn’t include until Monday Sept 4? Why?

I hope McCain’s voters take into consideration his brain cancer and sudden shift in his voting records (becoming yet more liberal progressive/RINO) and vote him out of office. Do any of his constituents currently think he is still of sound mind?

Hanoi Jane badmouths Trump at Emmy’s, perhaps she should consider that treason has no statute of limitations and keep her mouth shut. Would I advocate that Trump’s D.O.J. file treason charges against her? As A Vietnam Vet, you’re damn right I would!

There is some hope in our district for a change of congressman Hurd since he is being primaried by an Uvaldean Dentist who claims to be a Constitutional Conservative, Let’s hear it for Dr. Alma Arredondo-Lynch. I believe I will make a donation to her campaign; please make one yourself. She has a web page “DRALMA2018.COM”. Now the search engine I use would/could not locate dralma2018.com and it must be manually typed into the address line of your internet browser to get there. There is a donation page on her website as well as a showing of her position on a number of matters. If you continue to support Hurd and Cornyn, then don’t complain about the quality of your representation.

I’m getting so fed up with violence and threats of violence from the progressive left faction that currently controls the democrap party. I almost wish that they would start their threatened war against conservatives so that we could rid the country of them.

My wife has a headache, his name is Mike. She is adamant that I shouldn’t say a lot of what I write about as many people won’t understand and will think that I am threatening them. Let me be perfectly clear it is not my intention to threaten anyone, I will however defend myself against those who threaten me, my family, my town, my state, and my Country. It would be my intention to meet force with overwhelming force in return.

I’ve been told that there is a difference between Yankees, and damn Yankees. Yankees come to Texas to visit and damn Yankees stay. Many of these same Texercans say they agree with me (smile) but you know how them Texercans lie (smile).

Bless us Lord as we pray for Christ’s mercy and grace upon our souls.

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Mike Martin thanks you for the opportunity to express “different points of views”, and if you were to ask his family they would probably tell you that he’s as different as they come….

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