5 Cheerleaders Take Knee During Anthem – The College’s Response Is FREAKING Many Out

Published on October 17, 2017

Maybe these chicks don’t quite ‘get’ the whole point of having cheerleaders?

The plot thickens… it’s no longer just the players taking a knee. Some cheerleaders at Kennesaw State University got themselves a catchy new nickname when they joined the take a knee protest.

They’ve been dubbed the ‘Kennesaw Five’. And so…

The university implemented changes. Like moving the cheerleaders off the field, into the tunnel, for the anthem.

And they feel like they’re being ‘silenced’.


Well, ‘bless their hearts’ — that’s the famous Southern’ snub, isn’t it? They’ve not quite gotten the hang of being cheerleaders, have they?

The Cheerleader is a little like the warm-up act for a concert. Not the reason the fans came… but supposed to ADD something to the experience. Their role is to help whip up excitement in the crowd, so the crowd cheers the team and the team gets pumped up to play that much harder.

The point is to make fans MORE focussed on the players and the game.

These chicks obviously didn’t get the memo. They are making THEMSELVES into the story.

Fans will be in the stands deciding whether they stand with or against them in this issue, whether it was worth it even to come to the game, and whether a home game was the best place to take a political stand (it isn’t).

Whatever happened to the idea in team sports about playing for the crest on your chest, not the name on your back?

So what do you think about moving the cheerleaders out of view? The right choice? Or a draconian attempt to silence the students?

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