Barack Obama’s Obscene Deficit Spending: 220 Years vs. 8 Years

Written by John DeGroff on October 20, 2017

Okay, that’s an odd title, I know. Please allow me to explain. In one of the last columns I wrote for, I postulated that America’s three biggest problems are: 1.) Our debt; 2.) Islam; and 3.) Liberalism.

While there is extensive coverage of modern liberalism (including more than one book that places liberalism with mental illness), it would be kind of redundant to start talking about it here. I mean, that’s why we’re reading ClashDaily in the first place, isn’t it?

An ongoing discussion of Islam is something that needs to continue. It’s obvious that the Left loves everything that’s anti-American and anti-freedom, which explains their embrace of Islam. What’s a real head-scratcher is that certain factions within liberalism have no clue how hateful Islam really is. While the LGBT community wants to just peacefully COEXIST, Islam would be more than happy to kill every single member of that community. If Islam ever got control of the U.S., it would make the Nazi’s Holocaust look like day camp.

We are in a continual struggle against Islam and it’s up to those of us who understand this to stop it’s spread in our homeland.

Okay, having said all that, let’s move on to the reasoning behind the column’s title. What the title refers to is this: 220 years is the span of time between George Washington’s first inauguration as President in April 1789 and G.W. Bush’s last day in office, Jan. 20, 2009. It’s actually about three months shy of 220 years. The eight years are Barak Hussein Obama’s tenure as President. It was during the first 220 years that our nation’s accumulated debt reached 10 Trillion dollars. During Obama’s tenure, he somehow managed to double that to 20 trillion. Question: WHAT THE HELL DID WE GET FOR 10 TRILLION IN 8 YEARS?

Now, before going into a very brief synopsis of what we did with 10 trillion in 220 years, let me offer an also brief history lesson. Ask most people when the U.S.A. actually became a nation and you’ll probably get the answer of 1776. Historically, though, that’s wrong. In 1776, we had just started fighting the Revolutionary War. We could have lost. Meaning, 1776, would have been a moot date. We won the war in 1783 and the British signed off on us colonials at the Treaty of Paris that same year. The process of ratifying the Constitution took on a life of its own between the years of 1787 until 1790. Technically, we really didn’t become a nation until sometime between 1789 and 1790. The political infighting as each state finally signed on was intense.

During the aforementioned 220 years of our history, we had something to show for the accumulated 10 trillion. Here’s just a brief list of what we spent that amount of money on, starting with all the wars we funded: Revolutionary War (1775-1783), The Barbary Wars (1801-1815), War of 1812 (1812-1815), Mexican-American War ((1846-1848), Civil War (1861-1865), Spanish-American War (1898), WWI (1914-1918, although we were only involved during the last 18 months), WWII (1939-1945), Korean War (1950-1953), Vietnam War (1960-1975, although our involvement didn’t happen until the mid-60s), Persian Gulf War (1990-1991). Also, include our seemingly ongoing involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Plus, include all the wars against our own Native Americans, and other “minor actions” that included Grenada, Panama, Bosnia and Somalia.

That’s just a list of war funding. Include in this, the Marshall Plan (1948), during which we spent about 13 billion on rebuilding western Europe after WWII. Also include FDR’s New Deal starting in 1933 and lasting roughly eight years, which contained a whole list of government programs aimed at getting the economy going after the Great Depression. President Johnson’s Great Society in the 1960s also had a high price tag, some of which is still to be paid for.

Foreign aid, which is actually not a huge part of the overall budget, now amounts to about 50 billion a year. But, we’ve been doling out foreign aid since the beginning of the 20th Century, in order to compete with the European colonial powers who controlled large portions of Africa and Asia at that time.

Another expense has been the space program. But look what we got for it. We were first on the moon, we have the Hubble telescope, the space station, and all the recent trips via unmanned probes to Mars and the outer planets.

My entire point is this. While 10 trillion in 220 years is an obscenely huge debt, we at least accomplished something for that expenditure. Our nation became a world power, truly oppressed people were liberated, our generosity has helped millions worldwide, and there have been scientific advances that came out of the space program that we now take for granted.

What did Barak Hussein Obama bring to the table in eight years, for a price tag of another 10 trillion? The media (D) is doing what it always does…ignoring real problems such as the debt. There’s any number of recent controversies and issues that we could talk about and unfortunately, we are. But it’s a mistake to ignore the one thing that could collapse our country entirely, without any foreign troops on our soil or a complete government upheaval.

If you’ve made it through this column this far, it’s time to start asking yourself and everyone who will listen…WHAT THE HELL DID WE GET FOR 10 TRILLION MORE IN DEBT UNDER BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA?

Image: photo credit: Gage Skidmore Barack Obama via photopin (license)

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John DeGroff
John DeGroff is the original bass player for the Christian rock band Petra. He currently plays for the band GHF which is comprised of other original members from Petra. DeGroff has extensive experience as a freelance music journalist and newspaper reporter as well as an on-line music reviewer. He is a member of the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and lives in Warsaw, Indiana where he is employed as a care giver for mentally challenged adults.