Clooney Enters Weinstein Sexual Abuse Fray – Is He LYING?

Written by K. Walker on October 10, 2017

It was called the ‘worst kept secret in Hollywood’ but this star says he didn’t know about it?


Clooney knows about everything else, though.

He knows you should have voted for Hillary.

He knows that President Trump is promoting ‘fear’ and ‘hate’.

He knows that Open Border policies for Refugees (à la Germany) are the way to go, and opposes a Border Wall, but has slapped a lawsuit on a French magazine for paparazzi climbing over his fence and taking photos of his twins. ‘The safety of his children’ is paramount, apparently.

He knows that climate change is real, so we need to ‘clean up the Earth a little bit’ by globally outlawing 80-95 percent of fossil fuel use plunging billions into poverty and shorter life expectancy. (Forbes)

But he didn’t know about this well-known Hollywood legend — a man that Meryl Streep called ‘God’ — was a serial sexual abuser?

A man that gave Clooney his first big break in Hollywood.

A man that he’s known for 20 years.

A man that he’s had dinner with, been on location with, and he admits that he saw Weinstein hit on young, beautiful women.

He says he didn’t know that it resulted in abuse and ‘hush money’ and threats for victims.

But that’s weird.

Everyone else seemed to know.

Everyone in Hollywood knew.

But Weinstein was the guy that could make or break a career, so everyone stayed silent.

Andrew Klavan, successful novelist, Hollywood screenwriter, political commentator, incredibly smart, and an all-around funny guy from the Daily Wire said that everyone knew. He said that he knew — and screenwriters are on a low rung of the ladder in Hollywood.

Watch Klavan from about the 8-minute mark:

Yet, Clooney says that he had no idea.

Of course, Clooney has brushed this abuse of women aside before, he thinks the treatment of Roman Polanski is just horrible. After all, his drugging, raping, and sodomy of a minor was way back in the 70s. Why punish the fugitive now? Just let him carry on with his life. No matter that new young women have come forward saying he’s done the same to them. Polanski is in his 80s — just let him live out his days, says Clooney.

Clooney has also called President Trump a ‘xenophobic fascist’ and to ‘F**k You!’.

Weinstein was a heavy donor to the Democratic Party — he gave money to Hillary, Obama, the DNC and other liberal causes.

Why would Clooney turn on his own?


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