DEAR LIBERALS: Paddock Brought Guns Into A ‘Gun Free’ Hotel Bought In Gun Strict State

Written by K. Walker on October 4, 2017

Well, that’s pretty inconvenient for the gun control lobbyists, don’t you think?

Stephen Paddock managed to get some of his arsenal in California that has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country.

And then, he brought them into the Mandalay Bay Hotel, a ‘Gun Free’ zone.

How is that possible?

Thoughts For The Day………

The ATF director in charge of the Vegas shooting said Paddock bought some of his firearms in California……I thought all those stringent laws they passed in Unicorn Land after San Bernadino was supposed to eliminate criminals and psychos from obtaining firearms in the Liberal Republic? Get ready, California; very soon you’ll be lucky if you can legally own a butterknife, but the hood rats, gang bangers, and other criminals will still have their guns.

Mandalay Bay long ago declared itself a “Gun Free” zone establishment……that means Paddock was not supposed to bring 23 firearms anywhere into the Mandalay Bay premises. I guess he didn’t see the sign.
Does this mean laws, codes, restrictions, cutesy signs and hashtags won’t stop a criminal or psycho from committing evil acts? – somebody inform the addlepated left of this concept.
Source: Gary M. Whitaker

This is absolutely correct.

Banning things doesn’t make them less in demand, it just creates a black market.

That’s where criminals get their guns anyway.

That’s why there are so many gun crimes in places like Chicago.

You know, where some guy that used to be President was a ‘community organizer’.

Wasn’t gun control supposed to fix all of the problems in Chicago?

Perhaps we could fix the ISIS ‘Lone Wolf’ attacks if we banned planes, cars, and machetes, too.

Or end the ‘Opioid Epidemic’ if we just made drugs illegal.

This from the same people that say we need to legalize marijuana because ‘prohibition doesn’t work’.


Where do people get these conflicting ideas?

Probably from the Media (D) and the leftist celebs that are all heart and no brain.

Jimmy Kimmel has been making a fool of himself while he tearfully wears his heart on his sleeve, but castigates anyone that dares to disagree with him.

He has been using the time that was reserved as a comedic monologue to lecture Americans that hold conservative views.

He’s met with Chuck Schumer, perhaps to ensure that his Democratic Pravda speeches include all the right talking points.

And, surprise, surprise, there is a lot of speculation and factually incorrect material being spouted off by Kimmel.

Watch The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro take him to task:

Why is it that leftists are so obsessed with Gun Control after a mass shooting, but don’t say a word about the gun crimes in cities that have strict gun laws like… Chicago?

Just because we are all horrified by what happened in Las Vegas on Sunday night, it doesn’t mean that we should initiate stringent legislation as a knee-jerk reaction.

We have enshrined rights, and those need to be respected.

One of those is the right to bear arms.

If Kimmel doesn’t like it, then maybe he should move to Canada.

They have pretty strict gun control up there.

I hear they have socialized medicine, so he’d be twice as happy. Oh, and there’d be no need for that extra security.

Doug Giles

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