Dear Liberals: Psycho Just Mowed Down Citizens With CAR – Is It Time To BAN Cars?

Published on October 7, 2017

‘If it saves even ONE life’, right?

There has been yet another attack involving a vehicle ramming pedestrians. And they all have something in common. The automobile.

Let’s see if Jimmy Kimmel has the intellectual honesty to call for THIS change to the law, too.

Because if it saves even ONE life…

In London, there was yet another incident of some violent jerk using his car to scatter people like so many bowling pins.

Cops aren’t saying ‘terrorism’ in this case — at least not at this point — but there was on arrest. Here’s footage:

The attack left eleven victims injured, hit by a Toyota Prius that jumped the curb.

A car mounted the pavement outside the Natural History Museum in London, England, injuring several people, though London police have determined that the incident was not terror related.

Videos posted on social media depict law enforcement and emergency vehicles at the scene. London police have confirmed they are aware of the incident, which took place on Exhibition Road. The London Ambulance Service said it treated 11 patients after the incident, nine of which were taken to hospital.-Global

Officials LOVE to legislate solutions. Bump stock are the flavor of the day in the US because of what happened in Vegas.

But are we missing the big picture? About where blame REALLY belongs?

Or are we going to look for something else to outlaw?

Because at this rate, we’ll all soon need governor switches in our cars so that we can’t go faster than, say, 35 MPH.

Because cars and truck have been weaponized, too. And not just ‘over there’, either.

Look at that zero who took a Chevy Malibu, rammed a cop outside a football game — sending him flying 15 feet in the air — jumped out and KNIFED HIM — before hiding for a few hours, grabbing a Uhaul Truck and hit as many pedestrians as possible in a high-speed chase?

He was thrown out of OUR country by ICE in 2012. A Somali refugee, apparently.

It could just as easily have happened here. So what’s the plan? Outlaw everything, including Knives, cars, pressure cookers? Are you ready to drive 35 MPH if it saves just one life?

Or do we figure out what approaches have been working in other places that have been high-value targets (like Israel) and figure out what they have been doing right that we could learn from.

Even if it isn’t ‘politically correct’.

After all, if it saves just one life, right?

So which approach should we take to prevent future massacres?

Share if this is just as an important a conversation as whatever our next ‘ban’ should be.