DISGUSTING: Mom BLASTS Airline After Her Young Daughter Was Severely Bitten By…

Published on October 16, 2017

This is vile. What would you do if this happened to your daughter?

It’s not been a good year for airlines.

Passengers getting punched out. By security.

Passengers getting dragged off the plane when the airline needs an extra seat.

And now… a seven-year-old girl swarmed by bedbugs? The first one popped out about thirty minutes into the flight. But then it scurried back to safety.

It really started when the food came.

Mom actually SAW them scurrying out from behind the TV tray. She thought she saw, what was it, a flax seed?

And then it moved. What the hell?

The family Eric Neilson, Heather Szilagyi and their daughter — flying British Airways from Vancouver London Heathrow, en route to Europe — was, in typical Canadian fashion, very polite in raising their concerns.

They discretely flagged down an attendant. They explained that their daughter was being bitten by bedbugs, and wanted to be reseated.

The mom said, “My daughter had a few bites on her thighs but when she woke up she was covered, she had them all over. It was just so bad and awful, my daughter was bleeding.”

They never were reseated, even though they raised the issue a second time.

In an almost ridiculous understatement, she said it ‘ruined the holiday’. Of course it would. They spent hours washing themselves and tending to sores.

What would you have done if it was YOUR kid getting bitten?

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