What The Harvey Weinstein Case Can Teach Us About Guns … & Power

Written by Rob Morse on October 16, 2017

I’ve noticed a pattern. Some political and entertainment elites are horrible people. Most of them also want me and my family disarmed. That makes sense. These elites abuse their inferiors. Then, they buy their own protection. They buy physical protection and pay protection money when called out for their abuse. Examples like Weinstein, Clinton, Allen, and Polanski come to mind. There are a few counter examples, both good and bad, but I think the rule applies. Weinstein is only the latest example to be outed.

To paraphrase L Neil Smith, “The elites in society work to take guns away from you so they can do things that they couldn’t do if you were still armed.” Substitute the words power for guns, and you see the larger principle at work.

The latest list of accusations against Weinstein, and I expect the list to grow with time, are here from the Kansas City Star and from Fox News. There are many allegations of both rape and sexual abuse. In case you think this is a right-wing hit piece, The New York Times helped break the story.

What makes this doubly hypocritical is that these elites abused their inferiors in private
while they pretended to be our moral superiors in public.

They hate us having the means of self-defense, while they hire body guards. They pretend to be for women’s rights while they are serial abusers. They pretend to be working for the common good while they are busy with backroom deals that deliver power and money. It seems that sexual abuse, gun control and socialism are cut from a common cloth.

Hollywood has the best moral compass, because it has compassion.” -Harvey Weinstein

Let me be clear; I’m not damning wealth. I’m damning hypocrisy of claiming superior motives when you’re really out for yourself and cheating on everyone in sight.

I learned this from the gun community, “Disarming innocent people does not protect innocent people.” To complete the analogy, “Making honest people weaker does not make honest people safer. It only makes the elites more powerful.”

If the rule works, use it.

Image: Excerpted from: Nick Step; CC by 2.0; https://www.flickr.com/photos/nickstep/5073952510/

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