Jenna Jameson BLASTS Playboy For Their Latest ‘Move’ – Do You Agree With Her?

Published on October 21, 2017

You know what they say about politics having ‘strange bedfellows’. Another issue drawing new lines of who is on which ‘team’ politically. It might surprise you.

Jenna Jameson is not one to shy from controversy.

Once one of the biggest names in adult film, she’s now a wife, mother and outspoken Conservative.

So, obviously, she’s not afraid to have an ‘unpopular’ opinion, and never one to back down from a fight.

And she’s got a chance for another ‘unpopular’ opinion. The unpopular is in quotes because there are a lot of people who think her opinion is pretty common-sense, but that opinion will be ‘unacceptable’ to those who have taken it upon themselves to tell us which opinions are out-of-bounds in this new ‘tolerant’ America.

Right on the heels of another fight where she backed the Pro-life position (let that thought sink in)…

…and retweeting something about Weinstein that Michel Moore would rather we didn’t remember…

She took some potshots at Playboy that lit up Twitter and brought out the latent angry misogyny of the hard Left.

Here’s what she was weighing in about:

As almost as soon as Hugh Heffner was dead, Playboy made a dramatic change. They pandered — not to their primary audience of guys who only want to ‘read the articles’. But they genuflected to the new rules of non-binary gender.

This month’s Playmate was — in their terminology — ‘gender non-conforming’. In plain English, that means — born with XY chromosomes like any other guy, but chose not to live life as a dude.

Here’s the tweet that riled up the Twitter Trolls… again. (The trolling has some foul language. You’ve been warned.)

Forget the fact that Playboy already has a long-established business model that specifically targets specific demographics. They have a Playgirl magazine, for instance, intended (mostly) for female readers that — not surprisingly — features pin-up guys instead of curvy girls.

For the most part, readers looking at magazines for one kind of photo are not so interested in the other kind.

She even explained that her comments weren’t based on animosity for the LBGT — you’d think her time in ‘the industry’ should settle THAT argument — so much as a flawed premise and a bad business model. In her own words:

I think this ClashDaily editor’s favorite part is the skill and class she deflects the trolls with.

So, what cogent, well-reasoned arguments did she get from the other side?

One reply from a ‘tolerant’ commenter (profile says M2F trans) giving rather crude references to her anatomy. (The link is live if you REALLY want to read it)

Here’s another one. Really… ‘saggy crotch’? How ‘Progressive’ of you. And totally ‘non-sexist’.

Gee, do you think THAT might be the real reason the Left doesn’t like her?

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