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WTH? Obama Gets A ‘Peace Prize’ And Now Despot, Robert Mugabe, Gets Honored With THIS?

Has the whole world gone crazy?

About five minutes after Obama took office as President, he was given the Nobel Peace Prize.

He spent the next 8 years bombing various countries, some of them without any Congressional approval whatsoever. For context, here’s just one headline, from a Left-leaning website: “U.S. Dropped 26,171 Bombs on 7 Muslim-Majority Countries in 2016”

So it’s not just people on OUR side of the aisle who have noticed the trend.

But as absurd as it was honoring Obama with a Peace Prize, even before he’d been faced with any major decisions as President, what they did for Mugabe was worse.

You know who Mugabe is, don’t you?

Maybe some of you don’t. Let’s quickly recap.

Mugabe, Marxist-Leninist (who has since ‘mellowed’ to ‘Socialist’) spent much of the 60’s in prison for being a revolutionary but was released in the 70’s. He helped lead a guerilla resistance movement against the government of the day, toppling it. He replaced it with a single-party Marxist state.

He was prime minister of Zimbabwe, from 1980-87, and has since been President.

The first two quotes that came up when his name was searched were these:

The only white man you can trust is a dead white man.
Our party must continue to strike fear in the heart of the white man, our real enemy!

He’s a real ‘winner’. From the Wiki entry:

Mugabe called for the overthrow of Rhodesia’s predominantly white government, the execution of Smith and his “criminal gang”, the expropriation of white-owned land, and the transformation of Rhodesia into a one-party Marxist state. He repeatedly called for violence against the country’s white minority, referring to white Rhodesians as “blood-sucking exploiters”, “sadistic killers”, and “hard-core racists”. In one typical example, taken from a 1978 radio address, Mugabe declared: “Let us hammer [the white man] to defeat. Let us blow up his citadel. Let us give him no time to rest. Let us chase him in every corner. Let us rid our home of this settler vermin”

He destroyed the value of their currency, crippled their national economy and bankrupted the nation. (Note: Communism has failed every place it’s been tried!)

In fact, he was such a wonderful leader that the UN had to step in and provide food for two thirds of their population.

That was due, in part, to the crisis precipitated after white farmers were thrown off their land, and it was redistributed to others. Farming had been the ‘backbone’ of their economy before that point.

Ok, we get it. Mugabe is a real ‘piece of work’. Now let’s see what ‘honors’ he is set to receive.

He is being appointed as ‘Health Ambasssador’ for the WHO. (World Health Organization) He’ll help coordinate African efforts relating to Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart Disease.

You could stand wherever you are reading this, throw a rock in any random direction and have it land at the feet of someone more worthy of that distinction. But what’s the BIGGEST reason people are objecting to this idea?

Under his ‘leadership’ life expectancy in his country fell faster than the NFL’s ratings.

Life expectancy in Zimbabwe dropped from 61 in 1985 to 44 in 2003, according to World Bank figures, largely down to the nation’s crumbling economy and widespread poverty. Life expectancy has since recovered – but is still not as high as it was in the mid-1980s.
Mugabe is widely seen as creating the crisis by breaking up the farms that had provided the back-bone of Zimbabwe’s economy, seizing the land from white farm owners and redistributing it to gain political support.
Source — DailyMail

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