These NEW Details In Vegas Massacre Will Make Your BS Detector Ping!

Published on October 10, 2017

As it happens, what we THOUGHT we knew about the Vegas timeline was, in fact, wrong. The police have since revised it.

Remember how we were told that the hail of gunfire that was being rained down on those Los Vegas Concertgoers stopped because the gunman had to turn his attention to an approaching security guard, and — at that point — he unleashed 200 rounds of Hell down the hallway?

It turns out, the timeline was way off.

We’ll let Jeff Mullen explain why he thinks that’s a little bit … odd. [Edited for style, not content, original can be found at link]

This morning the news reported that the Las Vegas psycho fired over 200 rounds through his hotel room door hitting a hotel guard in the leg 6 minutes prior to beginning his slaughter at the concert. WHAT?!?

I realize I’m just a gun-toting, Bible-clinging deplorable from a fly-over state, yet I feel these are reasonable questions.

1. Why did the shooter open fire and kill the guard since the guard was checking on an open door that had nothing to do with him.

2. If the guard took fire and was wounded — with all due respect for his real injuries — why was backup not immediately called for?

3. What accounts for the lack of reaction by others in the Hotel? The shooter fires over 200 rounds through the door. He had a room full of .223 / .556 firearms. After shredding the door and rounds piercing more than likely several walls – NO ONE heard the rounds? No one on the floor called the front desk or security in 6 minutes? No one on his floor heard 200 ROUNDS?

4. What was happening in the window of time between that and the mayhem? After killing a guard, firing 200 rounds through a door and NO ONE hearing it – he what? He took a 6-minute smoke break before he starting firing on the crowd below?

Other key questions raised include:

Another observer on Social Media had this to say:

Mike Troxel

So let me get this straight… Security guard gets shot 6 min BEFORE shots start falling on the concert, and law enforcement gets there 72 minutes after that? So you’re telling me that the security guard lays there shot for 78 min, doesnt call for help, nobody else on the floor calls for help, nothing, and THEN law enforcement shows up? I call shenanigans.

But just to play Devil’s advocate… let’s look at the other angle.

For one thing, despite any rumors – there is no reason to believe at this point that the wounded guard was in any way an accomplice.

Remember that taxi driver outside the Mandalay Bay who heard all these gunshots that nobody else seemed to be reacting to? And then about 6 minutes after he started filming, all the police showed up? And just after that (somewhere around the nine minute mark on his video) wounded people came streaming out of the area where the concert was?

If his original target was INDOORS, it might give context as to why nobody outside seemed to notice the gunfire.

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