WATCH: Forensic Acoustic Analysis Of Vegas Massacre ‘CONFIRMS’ 2nd Shooter – Did It Convince You?

Written by K. Walker on October 10, 2017

This bro does a thorough analysis of the acoustics available from the Vegas Massacre, and he says he’s sure of his conclusions. Is he right or ridiculous?

Mike Adams, the Science Director of CWC Labs, and long-range target shooter, has done a Forensic Acoustic Analysis taken from videos online of the Las Vegas mass shooting and has determined the location of the second shooter.

At least, that’s what he claims.

He provides a mountain of evidence in the video below using YouTube videos of eyewitnesses, physics, and what he knows about forensic acoustics.

Check it out:

He’s asking why the FBI isn’t using this info.

Las Vegas Sheriff Joseph Lombardo has said that Stephen Paddock must have had help at some point.

Could this have been the ‘help’ — a second shooter?

Doug Giles has some thoughts:

We still don’t know the motive, or if there were accomplices to this horrific crime.

We don’t even know Paddock’s motive. Which is really strange. You’d think that someone that went to all this trouble would make the reasons behind his actions clear.

This has become the prime example of a senseless act of violence.

The motive is still unknown, his girlfriend and his family were shocked because they saw no signs, and investigators are stumped.

That has, of course, sparked so many theories online — that there is a police ‘cover-up’; ISIS claiming responsibility has suggested that Paddock may have been radicalized; his bizarre cruise destinations; his prescription for Valium; was he a Trump-hater, etc.

It’s difficult to tell what’s true and what isn’t.

And it’s extremely difficult to have to wait for an answer.

But here is one truth — evil exists in this world.

And we saw it perpetrated by Stephen Craig Paddock on Sunday, October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

At least we know that.

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