NFL v. Trump: The League Blinked First

Written by Steve Bowers on October 7, 2017

This is comical.

But I don’t intend to forget what these pansies did.

They’re not one of us. They’re not of us.

Nor are the owners.

They can take their candy-A__ politics of cowardice, petulance, stupidity and ingratitude and … well … they know where they can insert it.

I will only continue to watch the NFL (I quit watching the NBA long ago … and have you noticed the scandal engulfing the NCAA basketball teams …??? Small wonder the NBA stinks! The NCAA has done a terrible job policing their schools. The FBI has to do their job now. Shameful!)

I will watch NFL stuff only because of the players who stood for The Anthem. And will always root against the Kneeling Pukes. And always remember how you hated the Country which gave you everything you creeps didn’t deserve … including respect.

And the next time you choose a spokesperson to voice your opinions … choose someone with at least a passing acquaintance with English grammar.

And some understanding of logic would also help.

This excludes you, LeBron.

NFL Surrenders to Trump… After 5 Days!
Posted September 29, 2017

By Gary McIntyre

The National Football League may need to change its logo from a shield to a white flag.

Because just five days after NFL players and executives made a foolish attempt to stand up to President Donald Trump, it looks like the league is ready to back down.

Dozens of NFL players kneeled in protest during the national anthem this past Sunday, after Trump suggested that players who protest the anthem should be fired.

Trump even promised to call for a boycott if the protests didn’t stop.

Almost immediately, the NFL knew it was in trouble – and now some of the league’s signature teams are promising they’ll begin standing for the anthem again.

The backlash against the NFL was swift and harsh.

Sponsors pulled their advertising. NFL ticket sales were down 18% after the protests.

DIRECTV was reportedly forced to give offended fans refunds on a premium football package. One Indianapolis Colts fan and military veteran even burned his season tickets.

And NFL executives have started taking notice of fans’ outrage.

Denver Broncos General Manager and legendary quarterback John Elway said …

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Steve Bowers
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