SHOCKING: Vegas Killer’s Brother SPEAKS OUT – Do You Believe Him?

Written by K. Walker on October 2, 2017

***UPDATED Video interviews of Eric Paddock speaking with the media.***

First photos have surfaced of the man who turned a concert into a slaughterhouse. And his brother has already been interviewed.

Stephen Paddock sprayed a concert of 22,000 people with automatic weapons fire, and the world is scrambling to trying to sort out ‘why’.

Paddock’s family is dumbfounded:

Here is the interview:

He made another statement to MSNBC that has been quoted everywhere:


The police have already been in contact with the brother, and now reporters have gotten an interview with him, too.

When asked about the girlfriend (who the police said were out of the country while the incident went down).

They were racking their brains looking for ANY sign whatsoever of Stephen Paddock’s being capable of such a rampage and said there were no warning signs.

In answer to the ‘what kind of man was he, the brother answered:

“He went to the hotels, he gambled, he went to shows.”

He was also afraid of the girlfriend becoming yet another casualty.

“She’s just a girl. She’s just a girl.”

MSNBC says that these reports are still unconfirmed, and little is known about the shooter, other than he had a pilot’s license.

It is also now being reported that he lived in Florida.

This is said to be audio of the moment that LVMPD entered the room:

Doug Giles has some questions he’d like to pose to those that knew Stephen Paddock:

Share if having a brother who did this would haunt you for the rest of your life.

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