VIRAL: Watch This Coal Miner Sing The National Anthem – It’ll Give You Chills

Published on October 13, 2017

Well, THIS puts the whole anthem protest nonsense in its proper context, doesn’t it?

On any given Sunday, we have professional athletes, with annual salaries averaging somewhere around $2 Million a year with an inflated sense of their own importance, Protesting. They have taken the one minute we set aside to come together; that one minute we all raise our eyes to one flag and sing one anthem.

That is the one minute these 7-figure athletes have decided to say ‘look at me’.

Meanwhile, in Coal Country, we have a very different dynamic at play.

We have a group of miners about to do one of the most dangerous jobs in the country… descend into the earth to bring back what’s in it. They don’t get the seven-figure paydays, the public adulation or the ‘fast life’.

And before they descend into the darkness, here’s what THEY are doing…

There is always the possibility that if something goes wrong, they’re not coming back up that shaft.

Watch them stand, and give that one minute the dignity it deserves.

The caption on the post: “There is no kneeling in this bath house …… we have daily Safety Meeting before every shift before these guys go Underground, and we appreciate Josh volunteering to sing after the meeting”

What do we know about it?

The guy singing the anthem is Josh Stowers, a fellow miner of Shane Wriston who filmed and posted it.

They work in Mammoth, West Virginia. Their company is Mammoth Coal.

That’s miles apart from the self-absorbed rage you see in, say Eminem’s dumb rant, which Doug Giles called him out on here:

Funny how people who work for a living — instead of being adored for a living — have a much different attitude to the things that should bring us together.

If you love seeing some hard-working men honor the flag and our traditions, this book is for you:

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