WATCH: Chicago Kiddos Have A WEIRD Social Media ‘Game’ They Play – Check It Out

Written by K. Walker on October 9, 2017

This is far more reckless and dangerous than many of the other weird social media ‘challenges’.

There was the Cinnamon challenge, that even Forbes weighed in on as a bad idea.

The World’s Hottest Pepper challenge that these two girls tried to do, and it ended in a trip to the E.R.

The dangerous Hot Water challenge that caused the death of one young girl, and the hospitalization of another.

We all know about the rampant crime in Chicago.

It’s been well-documented on Hey, Jackass.

Watch the BBC report on Chicago crime: (LANGUAGE WARNING)

Did you hear at the 1-minute mark that ‘you can’t be lacking’?

Well, that’s been taken up as a challenge.

People are walking around some areas of Chicago to make sure that their friends and family are prepared at all times.

Here is a video of the #NoLackingChallenge:

Here’s another:

Does this seem like a good idea to you?

Does it seem wrong somehow to play a game pointing your gun at people?

That seems like a bad idea, don’t you think?

And the escalation of weapons?

That also seems like a horrible idea.

It’s all just fun and games until someone gets shot.

Then it’s a day ending in ‘y’.

Perhaps we need to focus on the real issues when it comes to gun violence.

Like where it’s rampant.

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