WATCH: Cryin’ Kimmel’s EXCUSE For Not Lampooning Weinstein Is Pure Bunkum

Written by K. Walker on October 14, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel has been using his platform as a late night talk show host to talk about the major issues of the day. But he didn’t touch this one right away, and here’s his reason why.

Cryin’ Kimmel has been meeting with Chuck Schumer to chat healthcare.

He’s used emotional appeals about his son born with a heart defect, to lecture about Obamacare.

He’s used the Las Vegas massacre to lecture about gun control.

For this, he’s been labeled ‘America’s Conscience’ by Bill Carter of CNN among others.

But ‘America’s conscience’ and former Academy Awards show host was strangely silent on the growing number of allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and several accusations of rape leveled against Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein.

Perhaps it’s because Kimmel was ok with objectifying women and using them to launch his career when he was the co-host of The Man Show.

When he did finally discuss Weinstein, it was as a backhand way to attack President Trump through his son, Don Jr.

Kimmel said that the news only broke an hour before his show, which seems to be true. But it’s his kid-glove handling of the famous Hollywood producer and major Democrat donor’s entire situation is antithetical to his handling of policy issues put forward by the President.

Kimmel said that Weinstein ‘wasn’t known so well outside of Hollywood’. That’s probably true. Newsweek reported that Harvey Weinstein was ‘Thanked more than God’ at the Oscars. And nobody’s watching the Oscars anymore, so how would we know who Weinstein is?

Watch his craptastic attempt at a joke here:

Bra-vo! He found a way to tie in the Access Hollywood video and make it all about President Trump.

Leftists don’t seem to understand that there is a difference between speech and actions.

Trump may have said that years ago, but Harvey Weinstein has been doing it for decades.

Kimmel denies being ‘America’s conscience’ and says that they systemic sexual abuse of women isn’t equivalent to a gunman with unknown motives shooting at concert goers.


The Vegas shooting was a senseless tragedy.

The systemic targeting and abuse of women (and children) in Hollywood by sexual predators while guys like Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck nudge and wink speaks to a massive problem of legitimate misogyny by those that pretend to be feminists.

Kimmel, who hosted the Oscars this year and is the scheduled host for the 2018 Oscars, could use his late night platform to condemn this abuse of power against women in Hollywood, but he’s ‘taking a knee’. No, wait. Those NFL players are actually claiming to protest something. Kimmel isn’t even doing that — he’s just taking a pass.

Watch Kimmel on the Media (D)’s morning show, Good Morning America:

This was no secret in Hollywood, or anywhere for that matter.

We’ve all heard about the seedy stories of the Hollywood ‘casting couch’, but the extent to which it has been hidden is unbelievable. Gwyneth Paltrow, who, after being propositioned by Harvey Weinstein, still thanked him when she won an Oscar for ‘Shakespeare In Love’, a Weinstein production.

Many of us thought, however, that this kind of behavior was more indicative of those earlier days in Hollywood, and on the decline in 2017 with all the feminist actresses talking rights, equality, and the ‘gender pay gap’.

Seth McFarlane, creator of the Family Guy had made a joke when announcing the 2013 Academy Award nominees for Best Actress:
He said that it came from a ‘place of loathing and anger’:

Kimmel’s excuses for not hammering Harvey Weinstein for his disgusting behavior with dozens of actresses and would-be actresses is just unbelievably lame.

I’m old enough to remember when Jimmy Kimmel was pushing for equality while schilling for Hillary and using kids to do it:

Gee, where has that paragon of virtue gone?

Maybe li’l Jimmy needs a little grandfatherly advice:

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