WATCH: 1 Good Reason To Shop Online Is Avoiding Riots Like This At The Mall!

Published on October 14, 2017

The footage looked like it was a single incident, until the camera pans, where we see all Hell had broken loose.

Next time you roll your eyes at a ‘Mall Cop’ remember that their job description now includes dealing with morons like these.

A BLM march decided to swarm an upscale mall in St. Louis. It’s private property, where ordinary people normally buy or sell the ordinary things they might need. Maybe a prescription from a pharmacy in the mall, or a birthday present for the kids. Or luggage they need for a vacation. Just living their lives.

But these guys can’t have that. They don’t care if it’s private property. They’re here to disrupt. So they flood the mall, and business grinds to a halt.

Here are a couple of views.

They don’t stop to think about whose lives they are disrupting. Like the folks in this fast-food place who had to run for cover and hide in the back when the BLM march showed up in the mall.

They described the conflict, described how one of the people being arrested was ‘fighting’.

The guy filming the last one said he’d be a ‘dead man’ by nightfall if he reported on this.

You hear chants of ‘let him go’. (After an arrest.) And blowing whistles.

Then again, should we really be surprised that they don’t care whose lives they are disrupting? It wasn’t THAT long ago we saw this:

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No thought was given to whose lives smashing that business would ‘disrupt’ either… in the name of ‘justice’.

Aren’t you glad that police aren’t giving Protesters ‘Space To Destroy’ like that Baltimore mayor did?

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