Bowe Bergdahl: Set Free and Sent Off with Mega Money — Courtesy of the U.S. Government

Written by Andrew Allen on November 4, 2017

Did you know Bergdahl walked away a free man AND $300,000 richer than he was before? $300,000. That’s a lot of money. Almost as much as Bill Clinton was paid by Russians for some speech in Moscow coincident with Uranium One.

How you ask does he end up with almost a third of a million bucks?

Read the “punishment” levied against Bergdahl. He’s permitted to keep his back pay. In other words, he gets to keep the paychecks the government cut him from the moment he decided to abandon his post in Afghanistan and up until the present day.

That’s right. He walked away from his post and off his job. And the government kept cutting him checks anyway.

Since Bergdahl deserted, the judge would have been well within the legal lanes to have required he forfeit all that back pay. The judge didn’t? Why?

It could be that the judge was a sympathetic but naïve sort that wanted to give the guy a leg up on getting his life back together again. Of course, rumors float that Bergdahl already has a book and movie deal in the works so he’s likely not going to be struggling in the real world trying to make a living.

It could be that the judge was a realist and had the good sense to understand that an imprisoned and indentured Bergdahl would become a left-wing icon. What better way to avoid Bergdahl as the new Mumia, Manning, or Reality Leigh Winner, than to cut him some slack and call it a day?

Either way, he’s $300,000 richer and is likely to become even more so. Especially if he joins the jack-ass party and joins the Clinton speaking circuit.

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Andrew Allen
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