CLASH POLL: Should Sanctuary Cities Be BANNED?

Published on November 28, 2017

States have been putting together some laws to reign in the Sanctuary City trend. Some are already on the books. Others are in process. Is banning Sanctuary Cities a good idea?

Texas Governor Abbot signed legislation banning them on Sunday.

Other states already have certain relevant laws on the books, including Mississippi, North Carolina, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee.

And besides those, there are another 20 States with ‘Anti-Sanctuary’ legislation pending.

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New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
Source: CNN

That’s a total of 27 States — or more than half.

At this point, if more than half the States agreed on a policy the Left approved of, they would be playing the ‘most states agree’ card relentlessly.

What about you? What do YOU Think about making the practice of outlawing Sanctuary cities?

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Share if we shouldn’t even HAVE to outlaw sanctuary cities.


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